DNA perfume: love to aromas have connected with geneticsThe Zurich Journal of Cosmetic Science edition has published the report on results of the next research of the Swiss federal institute of technology. As it has appeared, the difference in perception of aromas which to one person seem attractive, and to another - repellent, is hidden in our genes.
«It is really difficult to many people to pick up for itself ideal aroma, - speaks August to Hammerli (August Hammerli), the research associate of institute in Zurich. - Very often judgments about perfume are taken out on the basis of appeal of its packing or the remembered commercial, instead of as a result of the analysis of perfumery composition. We have tried to find out, whether it is possible to draw on the basis of a genotype a conclusion on preferences of the person in the field of smells». Experiments which were carried out by experts from Augustus Hemmerli's laboratory, consisted in the following: To 116 volunteers (to men and women) have suggested to smell 10 various aromas of various concentration (including a cedar, a rose, cinnamon and a moss). Toluansky balm (the aroma of the South American tree reminding vanilla), has been recognised as the most unpleasant a smell of a vetiver (a cereal from India, possessing "earthy" aroma) became the leader on number of positive responses. On termination of work with perception of perfumery compositions, scientists have defined a genotype of all participants of experiment. It has appeared that the difference in genes corresponded with smells which most of all were pleasant to volunteers. Meanwhile, results have been recognised insufficient for concrete conclusions. Time is required to reveal regularities more precisely, however and initial data are already interesting.
It is known that the same mechanisms underlie emergence of a sexual inclination. One person is involved by "smell" of another, and is responsible for it a set of genes of the main complex of a gistosovmestimost (Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection). The mutual attraction with bigger probability arises between the people having a various set of the Ministry of Taxes and Tax Collection.

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