Communication of IBS with a cancer of a prostateThe American scientists have found out that atherosclerosis of vessels of heart is risk factor of a cancer of a prostate gland, reports EurekAlert!. Research was carried out by group of experts under the direction of Jean-Alfred Thomas II (Jean-Alfred Thomas II) from Dyyuk's University in Northern Carolina.

Researchers have studied the given nearly 6,4 thousand white Americans at which malignant tumours of a prostate gland have been revealed. Among participants of research of 547 men had the coronary heart disease (IBS) caused by atherosclerosis.

By results of work, the risk of development of a cancer of a prostate at patients with IBS has appeared on the average for 35 percent higher, than at other participants of research. Besides, the difference of these indicators changed over time. In particular, at the beginning of four-year research it made 24 percent, and by its end has reached 74 percent.

Thomas has told that the research group managed to find the specified dependence only. He has added that now scientists find out, it is caused by what factors.

According to the Centers of control and prevention of diseases of the USA (CDC), malignant tumours of a prostate are the most widespread type of a cancer among the American men. Incidence exceeds 150 cases on 100 thousand inhabitants. Among all types of a cancer mortality of Americans from tumours of a prostate concedes only similar an indicator for new growths in lungs.


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