Canadians develop the analysis on a syndrome of «professional burning out»To help doctors, nurses, teachers and representatives of other professions which are especially subject to stresses, the saliva and blood analysis which technique is developed now by experts of the Montreal hospital should help. With its help as they hope, it will be possible to reveal those who has appeared under the threat «professional burning out».

Its external manifestations are known - fast fatigue, absent-mindedness, apathy, the indifferent relation to the charged business, and here a biochemical picture still is not studied, and a number of experts believes professional burning out by simply one more form of a depression. At the same time a part of researchers consider this phenomenon as absolutely special condition of an organism which it is not necessary to treat the same medicines, as a depression. The reason - in «a stress hormone» a cortisol for which the daily rhythm of education is characteristic: the maximum concentration in an organism is noted in the morning, and minimum - in the evening. Like adrenaline, cortisol level in an organism in a stress raises and as the Canadian experts have noted, such hormonal splash is characteristic for a depression condition. But at those who has appeared in a situation of «professional burning out» level of this hormone it is low.

According to professor Paul Yuste from the Center of studying of a stressful condition at the Montreal hospital, such distinction probably speaks that the organism of "burning-out" people already simply is not capable to consult with a stress. «While it only assumptions is however possible that cortisol level originally raises in the conditions of a stress, however at achievement of very high level the protective mechanism turns on and at this stage level of the maintenance of a cortisol in an organism sharply decreases», - he has noted in interview of TV company of Si-Ti-Vee. The professor has reported that low level of a cortisol is often observed at those who has endured especially heavy post-traumatic stress, and also at those who suffered from severe pains. Therefore it is impossible to apply «professional burning out», the same preparations energizers which apply at stresses to the people worrying: after all they lead to fall of level of a cortisol in an organism.

Accurately to carry out distinction between a stress and «professional burning out» group of physicians under the direction of Paul Yuste develops a method of the analysis of a saliva of the patient which will show level of the maintenance of a cortisol in an organism. «This method is represented optimum as there is a possibility to take the whole series of analyses for days», - the professor has noted. Now, according to him, researchers compare analyses of those who is included into «group of risk» to define various levels of a cortisol in an organism. This analysis, and also analyses on cholesterol, on triglycerides and on glucose will allow to make more exact diagnosis.


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