Svyatoslav Fedorov: Gods doctor favourToday in the world live 3 million people operated by Svyatoslav Fedorov. The fund of his name continues to help visually impaired of the different countries. And summer of 2001 in Cheboksary branch of fedorovsky MNTK opening of a monument to Svyatoslav Fedorov has taken place. Sculptor Vladimir Nagornov managed to achieve not only tremendous external similarity, but also to transfer Fedorov's enormous power: the person block from white marble - that white colour which he has presented to the patients …

Hope of all "four-eyes"

Svyatoslav Nikolaevich Fedorov has devoted all the life to that the people who are wearing black glasses and not leaving white canes, have seen this world. And at what only have begun problems with sight, would never be lived to life such.

Future doctor Fedorov was born in 1927 in Proskurovo's small Ukrainian town that in Hmelnitsky area. His father, the red divisional commander, subjected to repression in 1938. Therefore Fedorov not by hearsay knew that means to be «the son of the enemy of the people». It is impossible to tell that he since the childhood dreamt of medicine, most likely here the Case has interfered with business its Majesty. Those years Fedorov, as well as his many age-mates, was fond of the art of photography therefore when has come to choose time the way to lives, without reflecting, has chosen ophthalmology: painfully the principle of the device of a human eye reminded the camera. At institute studied so-so, as they say, was quite ordinary. Enthusiasm for the business has come only after to it have entrusted to perform the first independent operation. It has occurred on a holiday of 8марта 1951 years. On chair already at full speed were going to celebrate the International Women's Day when delivered the eye which have injured with a trauma. It worked as the mechanic at plant and at work on metal the slice of a chisel has jumped aside and has got to the worker to an eye. Fedorov assisted during this operation to the well-known assistant professor Lakshina. But it is unexpected, having made anaesthesia, that has suddenly told to Svyatoslav: «You will operate itself», - has removed gloves and has left the operational. Operation has passed successfully, and now Fedorov any more did not think of itself without ophthalmologic surgery. He dreamt to find means which would help to find sight to people with the grown turbid crystalline lens. At that time they were considered as the incurable. Then it set a goal: to start to do operations on replacement of a muddy crystalline lens artificial, made of plastic.

Courageous innovator

In the late fifties in England and Holland already implanted artificial crystalline lenses, but at us it was considered as a utopia. The young surgeon in his researches was put a spoke in the wheel by everything who only could. And he stopped at nothing. Has found at plants of national handymen which according to its drawings have made the first artificial crystalline lenses from … the ball-bearing! Independently, in parallel with the current work in hospital of Arkhangelsk, implanted them in eyes of guinea pigs. However, for this purpose it was necessary most to make special small needles of needles for a stomach operations, and scarce kapron threads to take from female stockings. The first result has not kept itself waiting long: the operated rabbits rushed at once to carrot, so, perfectly saw both eyes.

In September, 1960 Svyatoslav Fedorov has performed the operation first in the country on crystalline lens implantation to the person. 12-year-old Lena Petrov became his patient. After operation to it sight for 100 % has returned. It was the victory. (Today to Elena Petrova it is already far for fifty, and she named the son Svyatoslav - in honour of the doctor who has changed her destiny. Doctors whom in Siberia called «the doctor from God»).

Only after to Arkhangelsk to register in wonderful operation hundreds people among which there were many foreigners have reached, the official medicine, at last, recognised Fedorov's method. It have transferred to Moscow where have created for work all conditions. So there was «Fedorov's empire» - world renowned MNTK (An interbranch scientific and technical complex of «Eye microsurgery»), which Fedorov headed for many years.

In recent years Svyatoslav Nikolaevich worked over idea of introduction of electrodes in brain system in order that it was possible to help the person even with an atrophy of an optic nerve. It infected with the confidence of success even the "heaviest" patients. Never spoke to the patients categorical "no". Instead from it it was possible to hear only: «We work over it», «We will think», «We will understand!».

But has not managed to carry out conceived because of tragic accident. On June 2, 2000 Svyatoslav Fedorov was lost in a plane crash. A year later at the place of accident the chapel of the Fedorovsky icon of the Mother of God has been constructed. (It in Moscow, on Nerys's Salomei Street that to Tushino, before the beginning of the district road).

Now Svyatoslav Nikolaevich's business continues his daughter - Irina Svyatoslavovna Fedorov. It is skilled офтальмохирург, the having international medical diploma protected in Italy, the member of the Italian Award of physicians and the American Academy of ophthalmology. In 2003 Irina Svyatoslavovna has opened own clinic where improves techniques of the father.

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