Personal doctor of the leaderIts motto was «to die young … in 90 years» and it it has executed: has died in Paris in 1965 aged almost 90 years. It carefully stored the old passport and, living in emigration, continued to consider itself as the citizen of the Soviet Union. Later half a century it to us has returned: now in Russia its works are republished, in St. Petersburg «The fund of a name of A.S.Zalmanov» is created, and the curative skipidarny baths invented by it are available now to each of us.

The person with a double name

In his life everything was unusual. Even name. Because it had it not one, as at all people, and two. In 1875 in rather poor Jewish family in the city of Gomel the boy whom named Abram Solomonovich Zalmanov was born. Will pass not enough time and in the Soviet Russia such name and a patronymic become dangerous to life. So there will be Alexander Solomonovich Zalmanov, and already this name will be included into medical encyclopaedias and it becomes widely known abroad.

Zalmanov has ended a gymnasium with a gold medal. In 30 years it had already three medical diplomas: besides Moscow, has got brilliant education in Germany and Italy. In parallel it studied law, history and philology. Zalmanov was so inquisitive person that in breaks between medical practice travelled much and has replaced a number of professions: from the fisherman, the master on construction of the Siberian railway, the newspaper reporter to the cleaner of footwear.

«In a drugstore of health you will not buy …»

It has been deeply convinced that the real doctor knows about uselessness of the majority of drugs, after all they only roughly interfere with work of an organism and prevent it to cope with an aetiology independently. "In a drugstore of health you will not buy, - Zalmanov in the book wrote. - It is necessary to support an organism, to help it to adapt with its efforts to environment, to atmospheric, food, emotional factors...». And Zalmanov desperately looked for natural means which would allow to clear as much as possible blood of the person and by that to prolong his youth. Some time he headed a resort clinic in Nervi on the bank of the Gulf of Genoa. There to it there came on treatment Plekhanov, Rosa Luxemburg, Clara Tsetkin, the survived sailors from a battleship "Potyomkin".

Father of sanatorium treatment

After Revolution of 1917 Lenin appointed Zalmanov the chief of the Head Resort Department and the Chairman of the State Commission on fight against tuberculosis. Exactly thanks to Zalmanov the law forbidding construction of plants ближе15 кмот of the cities has been passed. (Unfortunately, about it have forgotten soon and the cities have started to choke literally in an industrial smoke). Then Zalmanov have invited for N.K.Krupskaya and M.I.Ulyanova's treatment, and soon he became Lenin's personal doctor. Zalmanov had an admission to the Kremlin at any time. In Lenin and Krupskaya's house he became the welcome guest, practically the member of the family." At all I do not know, than I have deserved to myself such relation, - Zalmanov remembered. - I after all ordinary doctor". But Lenin thought differently. He liked to talk to Zalmanov about the organisation of the Soviet resorts where million workers will be treated. So Zalmanov has opened the first balneal institute where began to apply widely such procedures, as baths, a shower, medical enemas and dirt. But it categorically did not arrange that for 3 weeks which have been released on the law on treatment by means of a balneoterapiya to lift heavy patients on feet it was not possible almost. In 1921 Zalmanov frankly admitted to Lenin that it does not have enough medical knowledge for continuation of scientific work. "And what if to give the chance to you to go abroad?" - Lenin has asked. Already next day Zalmanov has received the passport, money for the road and a place in a diplomatic car. More they never saw: after Lenin's death to come back to the Soviet Russia for Zalmanov it was dangerous.

Pioneer of skipidarny baths

In Europe Zalmanov has got acquainted with works of the Danish physiologist Augustus Kroga which has got the Nobel premium for opening of the mechanism of capillary blood circulation. Perfectly knowing 5 foreign languages, Zalmanov has studied thousands works and for 8 years visited hospital and clinics of medical faculty in Berlin. It has made discovery that the main reason of diseases and an old age is covered in violation of work of capillaries by which all our organism is penetrated. Also has thought up for restoration of their work to use skipidarny emulsions for the baths, quickly won popularity around the world and come to Russia at the end of the XX century.

Further researches in this direction have proved that Zalmanov's works on extension of human life have high potential. The director of the All-Russia institute of a naturoterapiya Sergey Arsenin is convinced: «Zalmanov has outstripped time. At the beginning of the last century he knew that the science not so long ago has proved. That the reason of all troubles in an organism is microcirculation violation - a capillary blood-groove. In the course of activity the capillary network is hammered by slags. The current of blood is sharply slowed down, and in some sites in general stops (there is a stagnation). Cages cease to receive oxygen and nutrients, cannot give carbon dioxide and remove slags. There is a cage self-poisoning, and it perishes. If it occurs in heart, there is a heart attack, in a brain - a stroke, in a liver - cirrhosis, in joints - art roses and arthritis, and so in all organism».

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