These awful comedones or How to get rid of black points?Many women regularly face such unpleasant problem, as black points on a face. And men even more often address for the help to cosmeticians exactly on this matter. Scientifically notorious «black points» are called comedones. Most often they arise at people with fat skin. How to get rid of the black points, everyone for itself(himself) solves itself. But it is erroneous to think that black points - only annoying cosmetic defect: as a rule, they are accompanied by serious diseases.

Iceberg top

The comedone (acne comedonica) is a type of a cyst which is formed at obstruction of the mouth of a hair follicle in horn masses (the become lifeless cages an epiteliya in a mix with skin fat). Comedones happen two types: closed (so-called white eels) and opened (black eels). The closed comedones tend to an inflammation with the subsequent education пустул and knots.

At open comedones of the mouth of hair follicles are expanded and corked "up". Why its tip has black colouring? In it melanin - an oxidation product тирозина is guilty.

Comedones are only «iceberg top», and the true reasons of their emergence are concealed in an organism. Most widespread of them treat:

Genetic predisposition (if you have someone in a sort, especially on the parent line, suffered from black points, and you are in group of risk)

Hormonal violations (in particular, the raised level of a man's sexual hormone - testosterone)

Predisposition to stresses (in this case if it is possible to normalise a psycho-emotional condition, and comedones pass by itself)

Adverse meteoconditions (it is proved that the humid climate and the polluted air promote accumulation of particles of a dust and dirt which serve as a provoking factor for emergence of comedones).

How to get rid of black points

Universal remedy which in few days forever would relieve of comedones, still it is not invented yet. For treatment of this disease experts recommend a comprehensive approach.

  • Antibacterial therapy (appoint it the doctor if there is a secondary infection can only)
  • Medical cosmetics (in which contain ретиноиды - special connections with vitamin A, and salicylic acid)
  • Skin peeling (thanks to it the top layer of epidermis peels, thereby «opening the road» to skin fat)
  • Systematic correct care of skin (means skin clarification in the morning and in the evening special means and drawing of nutritious cream)

Also there are various masks - reliable tools of traditional medicine with which are easy for using in house conditions:

Albuminous mask. Stir protein of 1 egg with 1 tablespoon of sugar, put a weight half on the face and wait, while will dry. Then from above put the mix rest, patting on the person palms and finger-tips. Thanks to it a time will be cleared, as the albuminous mix "extends" their contents. After hands will cease to stick to skin, wash away a mask cool water and put on the face moistening cream.

Rice mask. For its preparation it is better to use ? glasses of brown fig. Wash out it cold water, насыпьте in a pan, fill in with boiled water so that has been covered, and leave for the night. Filter water in the morning and knead rice before receiving a homogeneous kashitsa. Put on skin and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then wash away a mask cool water and put on the face moistening cream.

Oat mask. Most ordinary "Oat-flakes" will approach. Take 1 tablespoon of the crushed oat flakes, add a pinch of soda or some drops of boric acid, and dilute the received mix of 1 % with kefir before formation of a dense kashitsa. Impose it on skin, and leave for 10-15 minutes. Then roll it damp finger-tips and wash away cool water.

How not to allow their emergence

If to give to the health time suffices, emergence of comedones can be prevented:

  • try to include in a daily diet fish, fresh greens, sour-milk products, fruit and vegetables of orange-red colour, regardless of a season
  • limit the use fat, sweet, alcohol and caffeine
  • do not abuse decorative cosmetics which can promote obstruction of a time (compact powder, fat cream etc.)
  • take for a rule not to touch to face skin hands during the day after have done a make-up.

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