Paracelsus: myths and realityHistorians still argue on the one this person was whom actually: the talented doctor, the successful charlatan or … the first founder of the mysterious "philosophers' stone" which existence is not proved and to this day?.

Disturber of tranquillity

Philippe Aureol Teofrast Bombast background Gogengeym was born on November 10, 1493 in Switzerland, in a small village Maria-Aynzideln, at two o'clock walking from Zurich, in a family of the doctor and the supervisor of an almshouse of the Benedictine monastery. Nothing foretold that this child will glorify a sort Gogengeymov. But meanwhile it has become history of medicine under a name of great doctor Paracelsus (Paracelsus in a translation from Latin Tselsa» means «surpassing). To choose to itself such pseudonym in the Middle Ages was very risky, after all the authority of one of founders of medicine - Avla Cornelia Tselsa - was firm in scientific community. But only not for Philippe, which else in 22 years has received degree of the doctor of medicine at university of Ferrara in Italy and the first that has made at the lecture before students, - has burnt Hippocrates, Galen and Avicenna's works, sentencing that «even outsets of his boots know more than these ancient mokrotnik».

Ideologist of homoeopathy

Unfortunately, his colleagues doctors did not favour. One openly envied his talent, others said that it is found with a devil who has helped to find to it "philosophers' stone" - substance to which in the Middle Ages attributed ability to turn simple metals in gold and to serve as universal medicine. (For example, its solution dissolved to concentration of so-called aurum potabile - «gold drink», could cure any illness and present immortality).

According to other version, he really all life unsuccessfully looked for a mythical philosophers' stone, but absolutely with other purpose: to cure of madness the girl from the native village which passionately loved. Anyway, but Paracelsus for the life not to time was not married …

It has enriched medicine with new knowledge for hundred years forward. Travelling all over the world, Paracelsus wrote down secrets of art of doctoring of the different people, and adopted experience not only at doctors, but also at barbers, sorcerers, midwives. The modern homoeopathy considers it as one of the first predecessors: it began to apply for the first time copper, mercury, arsenic and other chemical elements as medicine. Paracelsus possesses also the well-known phrase: «Everything is poison, and nothing deprives of a yadovitost. One only a dose does poison imperceptible». And the tincture of opium thought up by it during several hundred years was considered as the best anaesthetic.

Courageous innovator

Paracelsus was the first who has proved that the madness is a disease, instead of obsession a devil, than has laid the foundation for future psychiatry. Also it has revived a way of artificial breath «a mouth in a mouth», described in antique literature, but has improved it, having used for carrying out artificial ventilation of lungs chimney bellows and a special nasopharyngeal air line.

Even long before emergence of genetic engineering and artificial conception, Paracelsus confirmed about emergence possibility «the person from a test tube». Some historians consider that it it has served Goethe as a prototype for creation of an image of Faust.

For the life Paracelsus has been treated kindly by attention of many grandees, but because of the freedom-loving character long could not get on with anybody. So, it treated the Tatar khan, and after accompanied his son to Constantinople. In Italy served as the main military surgeon in imperial army. Long time was the personal doctor of king Ferdinand. But, despite proximity to the powers that be, it seldom received simple human gratitude. For example, in the city of Shtertsinge Paracelsus has stopped plague epidemic, applying the ways of treatment, but then it have expelled and from there, having accused that it … the sorcerer and itself and has infected the city with plague.

«Alis inserviendo consumor»

In transfer from Latin, this saying, attributed to Hippocrates, sounds so: «Shining another, I burn down itself». Paracelsus has made it the motto of the life. Infinite wanderings have seriously undermined health of the doctor. In 48 years after a short illness he has died, but circumstances of his death to historians still for certain are not known. If to trust the registrar of Salzburg hospital, Paracelsus's property after death consisted of two gold chains, several rings and the medals, several boxes with powders, ointments and chemical reactants and a silver cup which it bequeathed to a monastery in Switzerland where there lived his mother. (The cup and is stored today in this monastery. It is considered that metal of which it is made, Paracelsus) has created.

Paracelsus on St. Sebastian's cemetery in Salzburg is buried. On its gravestone words are cut: «Philippe Teofrast of a rank the Doctor of Medicine here lies that those many ulcer, leprosy, gout, dropsy and some incurable infectious diseases of a body wonderful art has cured both distribution and return of the property of the poor has honoured. In a year 1541, in the 24th day of September has replaced life to death».

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