Shoes for the Cinderella or How to get rid of a smell in footwear?When in the known fairy tale the fairy godmother has presented to the Cinderella crystal shoes, she has forgotten to tell it as it is necessary to look after them correctly. And if the poor girl carried by them more long, than one ball night, it quite could face a problem of emergence of an unpleasant smell in footwear after long socks. And from it anybody, unfortunately, is not insured: the women preferring graceful shoes court shoes, the gentlemen who are not getting out of rough boots …

If matter in footwear

How to get rid of a smell in footwear? It is much simpler to make it if the reason of a smell is the footwear. It can occur, if when manufacturing footwear used poor-quality materials (bad glue, synthetics for internal furnish) artificial substitutes of fur or badly processed genuine leather. Then the unique way out is to use various deodorants for footwear which in a large number are presented in modern shoe shops.

But even behind the footwear made of a quality genuine leather, the correct leaving is necessary:

  • select footwear on the size, but not end-to-end that the foot breathed;
  • after you have removed footwear, it should be aired (for what footwear as much as possible open and take out insoles);
  • the damp footwear should be dried up, using the special dryer with an ozonizer or ultra-violet effect which disinfects;
  • once a week for prevention footwear from within recommend to wipe the cotton wool moistened in alcohol (salicylic, boric etc.)
  • try not to carry footwear from textiles (a trainer and so forth) more long 3 years.

If matter in feet

It is more difficult, if in an unpleasant smell in footwear feet are guilty. It can be a consequence of fungoid defeat of foot. The microorganism which causes a foot fungus, in most cases strikes skin in interdigital folds standing. Skin starts to be shelled, exfoliate. Sometimes in the centres of defeat the vials filled with liquid are formed. When they are opened, lead to formation of cracks and erosion. These symptoms - an occasion immediately to address for consultation to the doctor-dermatologist. Otherwise the fungoid infection can extend and on nails and cause онихомикоз.

The second widespread reason of an unpleasant smell is excessive perspiration of feet (гипергидроз). In this case the unpleasant smell is allocated already by bacteria which eat skin vydeleniye. As the main way of prevention observance of rules of hygiene of feet serves:

  • daily washing of feet with soap and a wipe dry;
  • regular change of socks (stockings, chulok and so forth) in process of pollution;
  • Once a week drawing on a surface of foot of paste of Teymurov which protects from emergence of a smell for several days;
  • warm foot trays with addition of juice of one lemon within 10 minutes (or with infusion of an oak bark);
  • Once a week pumice use after washing of feet for removal of the become horny layer of cages as they are a fertile field for reproduction of bacteria;
  • use of special cosmetics for feet which structure includes oil of a tea tree, an eucalyptus and other natural anti-septic tanks;
  • daily wiping of footwear from within solution of potassium permanganate at the rate of 6 кристалликов on 1 litre of water.

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