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These awful comedones or How to get rid of black points?Many women regularly face such unpleasant problem, as black points on a face. And men even more often address for the help to cosmeticians exactly on this matter. Scientifically notorious «black points» are called comedones. Most often they arise at people with fat skin. How to get rid of the black points, everyone for itself(himself) solves itself. But it is erroneous to think that black points - only annoying cosmetic defect: as a rule, they are Continue reading

Personal doctor of the leaderIts motto was «to die young … in 90 years» and it it has executed: has died in Paris in 1965 aged almost 90 years. It carefully stored the old passport and, living in emigration, continued to consider itself as the citizen of the Soviet Union. Later half a century it to us has returned: now in Russia its works are republished, in St. Petersburg «The fund of a name of A.S.Zalmanov» is created, and the curative skipidarny baths invented by it are Continue reading

Svyatoslav Fedorov: Gods doctor favourToday in the world live 3 million people operated by Svyatoslav Fedorov. The fund of his name continues to help visually impaired of the different countries. And summer of 2001 in Cheboksary branch of fedorovsky MNTK opening of a monument to Svyatoslav Fedorov has taken place. Sculptor Vladimir Nagornov managed to achieve not only tremendous external similarity, but also to transfer Fedorov's enormous power: the person block from white marble - Continue reading

Paracelsus: myths and realityHistorians still argue on the one this person was whom actually: the talented doctor, the successful charlatan or … the first founder of the mysterious "philosophers' stone" which existence is not proved and to this day?.

Disturber of tranquillity

Philippe Aureol Teofrast Bombast background Gogengeym was born on November 10, 1493 in Switzerland, in a small village Maria-Aynzideln, at two o'clock walking from Zurich, in a family of Continue reading

Shoes for the Cinderella or How to get rid of a smell in footwear?When in the known fairy tale the fairy godmother has presented to the Cinderella crystal shoes, she has forgotten to tell it as it is necessary to look after them correctly. And if the poor girl carried by them more long, than one ball night, it quite could face a problem of emergence of an unpleasant smell in footwear after long socks. And from it anybody, unfortunately, is not insured: the women preferring graceful shoes court shoes, the gentlemen Continue reading

Nails, part II: Dystrophic changesBeau lines

Also called "Lines Bo" or «Bo-Reyli's Lines» (fig. 7). A symptom for the first time described by the French doctor of Joseph HonorA© Simon Beau (1806-1865), as cross-section concave lines on the nail plate, arising owing to sharply arisen disease. Depth of the line in a certain measure corresponds to weight of defeat of a matrix of a nail. On colour of the line Bo do not differ from other nail plate. In depth can reach Continue reading