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In permafrost the source of longevityWith such startler representatives of the centre of public relations of the Siberian office of the Russian Academy of Sciences have acted. The Siberian scientists have found in permafrost in the territory of Yakutia (mountain Mamontovaya) a microorganism which is activated and shares at temperature only +5.

Already initial researches of a find have shown that the found bacterium "has lagged behind" from modern on three million Continue reading

Fibroz – is reversible!The doctor of medical sciences Chavdar Savovich Pavlov has made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases the report in which has expressed confidence that doctors can shortly win фиброз. «A recovery problem at chronic diseases of a liver are defined by two main conditions: radical elimination of the reason of suffering and convertibility of the fabric changes which have developed during an illness», - it has quoted Continue reading

The use of a dogrose reduces risk of emergence of heart troublesHips are known for the salutary action at cold because of the big content of vitamin C in them. But it has become clear, as for prevention of cardiovascular diseases the dogrose too does not have the equal.

The Swedish scientists from University Lund have made experiment: within six weeks the group of the volunteers inclined to completeness, daily drank the drink prepared with use of 40 g of an istolchenny dogrose.

Experts conducted monitoring Continue reading

The arterial hypertension is not at the bottom of dizzinessesWhile at the majority of people the head is turned on February 14 from love, doctors solve not less serious problem of therapy of similar violations at an arterial hypertension. The corresponding report was made on All-Russia the Internet the Congress of experts in internal diseases by the doctor of medical sciences, professor Olga Dmitriyevna Ostroumova.

As it has appeared, among the symptoms some hundred diseases have dizziness. Such complaint Continue reading

Communication of IBS with a cancer of a prostateThe American scientists have found out that atherosclerosis of vessels of heart is risk factor of a cancer of a prostate gland, reports EurekAlert!. Research was carried out by group of experts under the direction of Jean-Alfred Thomas II (Jean-Alfred Thomas II) from Dyyuk's University in Northern Carolina.

Researchers have studied the given nearly 6,4 thousand white Americans at which malignant tumours of a prostate gland have been revealed. Continue reading

The device will be actively applied to not surgical removal of an extreme flesh in AfricaThe Israeli scientists have invented the device for bloodless trimming which will be delivered to the countries of Africa. Management on control over products and medicines (FDA) of the USA has officially approved its application, reports The New York Times.

The purpose of export of the device to Africa which plans to organise Bill and Melinda Gates's Fund, is HIV prevention among local population.

According to results of the long and large-scale Continue reading

The New Year tree can harm to healthDoctor Lawrence Kurlyandsky from medical university in New York urgently recommends to put houses an artificial fir-tree instead of the real. But not because of economy of natural forests and in order that … to keep the health.

The matter is that during researches of New Year's coniferous trees which were carried out by experts under the direction of Kurlyandsky, it has been established: the fir-tree in the house can provoke sleeplessness, cold, Continue reading

Heart attack it will be possible to predictGerman cardiologists have developed the hsTnI test which will help to diagnose heart attack. During heart attack concentration тропонина - a protein containing in muscular fabrics raises. The new test is constructed on supersensitivity to тропонину.

The test will help doctors at survey of people which complain of a breast pains, but have no expressed symptoms of heart attack. And it, in turn, will promote early identification of ischemia of a Continue reading

The new test system defining a virus of papilloma of the person, for house usingDiagnostics of VPCh being the main reason for a cancer of a neck of a uterus, can be carried out now in house conditions. Digene HPV Test set from the Qiagen company has proved as a method of effective detection of DNA of a virus in dabs, the New Scientist (New Scientist) reports.

Group of the Chinese scientists of the Incorporated Medical College of Beijing under the direction of Fengkhueya Dzhao (Fang-Hui Zhao) have carried out the comparative Continue reading

Omelette with mushrooms against a cancer of a pancreasToday around the world the cancer of a pancreas is in most cases diagnosed only at late stages and annually carries away from life of 80 % of the diseased.

The international magazine of gastroenterology and gepatologiya of Gut has published results of the interesting research devoted to a problem of prevention of a cancer of a pancreas.

Scientists have studied level of the maintenance of 12 main microcells in organisms of 118 patients with a Continue reading