The red ware lets recoverScientists from Germany and Switzerland have proved that food acceptance from ware of red colour considerably reduces an overeating and abuse of alcohol.

In the first part of experiment in which 40 male students have taken part, to it suggested to drink at different times beer that of red, from dark blue cups. As a result those who drank from red, drank for 44 % less.

In the second part of experiment to 109 participants have brought rolls on plates of red, dark blue and white colour. And again those who ate from red plates have most less eaten.

According to Ursula Airens from the British dietary association, red colour can associate at people with alarm or any primitive fear. Therefore the brain perceives food in such ware as potential danger, and gives command for reduction of its use.

Now everything, dreaming to grow thin, unessentially to sit down on a diet - for a start it is possible simply to try to acquire red service.

Scientists offer the government and the food industry to add to the arsenal results of their opening and to use red packing for the most unhealthy products, to hold the population from their frequent acquisition.

Source: Daily Mail

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