Measles epidemic as the answer to a question – to impart or not to impartThe World Health Organization declared epidemic of the measles storming in the countries of the European region.

According to the data published in the press release of WHO, from January to August, 2011 with measles 26 thousand people that exceeds incidence in 2010 almost in 3 times have ached. 9 cases have ended with a lethal outcome.

The real quantity of the infected exceeds even the specified frightening figures. They were not included into the official report because of delays in collection of information.

WHO is extremely concerned the outbreak of a disease, and that the current situation strongly reduces chances to execute the program on full of measles eradication in Europe by 2015.

From 53 countries of the European region (which Russia, Turkey, Central Asia and Transcaucasia treats also), epidemic of measles is fixed in 40. The most part of the diseased (more than 50 %) is the share of France.

WHO warns that epidemic extends out of limits of the European region, and strictly recommends to strengthen prevention measures, including inoculations, recommending to increase population coverage by immunization to 95 %, first of all vaccinating children and teenagers.

According to existing opinion, sharp growth of a disease by measles is connected with the refusal which has become frequent recently of parents of inoculation of the children and, thereof, lack of immunity in children's groups.

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