Internet dependence breaks work of think-tanksTo such conclusion the group of experts has come from Academy of Sciences of China.

Scientists have established that in a head brain of the people suffering from dependence on the Internet, there are same irreversible changes, as at victims of alcohol and drugs.

During experiment scientists have carried out a magnetic and resonant tomography of a brain of 35 people at the age from 14 till 21 year, 17 from which recognised that suffer Internet dependence.

After comparison of results of scanning with a tomography of healthy people changes in work of white substance of the brain, concerning violations of mechanisms of work of the nervous fabrics which are responsible for emotions, decision-making and self-checking have been fixed.

The Chinese researchers were supported by the European colleagues. So, professor Gunter Schuman from the London Kings-college has declared: ¬ęThese two researches have shown for the first time changes of nervous communications between various areas of a brain, and also change in brain work at people who often play video games or use the Internet",

For final confirmation of these conclusions further researches with attraction of bigger number of patients will be carried out.

Source: Air Force

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