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For 90 % of little tables for a pelenaniye in toilets of Britain cocaineResearch of surfaces of folding little tables for a pelenaniye in city toilets of Britain, Real Radio carried out by journalists, has shown existence of traces of cocaine on 9 little tables from 10, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Staff of radio station by means of special expert sets has taken 100 samples of the dust covering surfaces of pelenalny little tables in public lavatories of hospitals, churches, shopping centres, vessels, churches and police stations.

From 100 dabs 92 contained cocaine.

The head of English Ministry of Health Andy Bernam (Andy Burnham), making comments on shocking results of research, has declared that surge in consumption of drug among youth in recent years is noted that seriously undermines nation health.

The European centre of monitoring of a drug addiction in the current year, as well as in the past, recognised Britain as the most kokainizirovanny European country. In 2011 of nearly 5 % of inhabitants of Great Britain at least time took cocaine.

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