Cтатистика of victims of a cold snapThe department of health care of Moscow has told about the current statistics of traumas because of ice. After New Year's vacation in skoropomoshchny service addresses from 5 to 15 victims per day, writes RIA Novosti news agency. As makes comments on Mosgorzdrav, not all faces causing fast because of falling on streets, have suffered from ice, but the detailed statistics of the reasons is not conducted.

Since the beginning of the period of a sharp cold snap in the centres of social adaptation inflow of the homeless addressing for the help has sharply amplified, has told to the deputy chief of capital department of a social security of the population Sergey Logunov.

If the centres have helped with the end of the year to nearly 400 persons without a certain residence, now those already more than 700.

According to Vladimir Petrosyan, the chief of the Moscow department of a social security, since December, 2011 of cold have served as a cause of death of 24 people, and generally it is homeless, reports ITAR-TASS. 15 cars mobile соцслужбы, patrolling streets 24 hours per day, are engaged in search of freezing bums.

According to health care department, only for the past weekend because of overcooling and frostbites in the fast 25 people have addressed.

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