90 % of the Russian men have erektilny dysfunction«The Russian newspaper» reports about completion of anonymous semi-annual research of sexual function of the Russian men, carried out at the initiative of association of medical experts under the direction of the main urologist of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, professor Dmitry Pushkarya.
During work men from 20 to 75 years from the Central district, Siberia, the Southern and Northern regions, the Volga region and the Urals which considered itself healthy have been interrogated, and did not see the reasons for the address to the doctor. Unfortunately, results have appeared unfavourable: deviations from norm in erektilny function have been revealed at 90 % of participants of research, at 50 % from which violations were shown aged till 45 years. As it was already told above, all these men did not consider the fixed semiology disturbing and did not hurry on a visit in clinic. This fact has seemed to Dmitry Pushkaryu to the most sad. Besides, it was possible to find out that 37 % of men at the age from 45 till 60 years have at all stopped sexual life, and in 70 % of cases - on own initiative (26 % nevertheless shift fault for it on the partner). Inhabitants of the central part of Russia where 63 % of men regularly take alcoholic drinks, face the greatest problems of about 50 % - smoke, 26 % - have a chronic stress, 20 % - unmotivated fatigue, and about 30 % have arterial hypertension. All these factors weaken erektilny function and lead to its violation.
«Unfortunately, such data still was not. In the practice urologists have been compelled to address to the similar researches which have been carried out abroad. And today it is obviously not enough of it», - Dmitry Pushkar in interview to "The Russian newspaper» has commented on the researches.

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