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The red ware lets recoverScientists from Germany and Switzerland have proved that food acceptance from ware of red colour considerably reduces an overeating and abuse of alcohol.

In the first part of experiment in which 40 male students have taken part, to it suggested to drink at different times beer that of red, from dark blue cups. As a result those who drank from red, drank for 44 % less.

In the second part of experiment to 109 participants have brought rolls on Continue reading

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Russians moved to the period of holidaysAfter long New Year's vacation doctors have summed up unfavourable statistics: only 14, 5 % of Russians regularly walked at this time and even were engaged in favourite sports.

27.5 % of respondents admitted that generally were at home or have spent time on a visit.

25 % are flowed round have declared that it was possible to them «to get out of the house ready more often than among working week».

33.0 % - have answered that «it is Continue reading

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For 90 % of little tables for a pelenaniye in toilets of Britain cocaineResearch of surfaces of folding little tables for a pelenaniye in city toilets of Britain, Real Radio carried out by journalists, has shown existence of traces of cocaine on 9 little tables from 10, reports The Daily Telegraph.

Staff of radio station by means of special expert sets has taken 100 samples of the dust covering surfaces of pelenalny little tables in public lavatories of hospitals, churches, shopping centres, vessels, churches Continue reading

90 % of the Russian men have erektilny dysfunction«The Russian newspaper» reports about completion of anonymous semi-annual research of sexual function of the Russian men, carried out at the initiative of association of medical experts under the direction of the main urologist of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Development of Russia, professor Dmitry Pushkarya.
During work men from 20 to 75 years from the Central district, Siberia, the Southern and Northern regions, the Volga region and Continue reading

Internet dependence breaks work of think-tanksTo such conclusion the group of experts has come from Academy of Sciences of China.

Scientists have established that in a head brain of the people suffering from dependence on the Internet, there are same irreversible changes, as at victims of alcohol and drugs.

During experiment scientists have carried out a magnetic and resonant tomography of a brain of 35 people at the age from 14 till 21 year, 17 from which recognised that suffer Internet Continue reading

Measles epidemic as the answer to a question – to impart or not to impartThe World Health Organization declared epidemic of the measles storming in the countries of the European region.

According to the data published in the press release of WHO, from January to August, 2011 with measles 26 thousand people that exceeds incidence in 2010 almost in 3 times have ached. 9 cases have ended with a lethal outcome.

The real quantity of the infected exceeds even the specified frightening figures. They were not included into Continue reading

Cтатистика of victims of a cold snapThe department of health care of Moscow has told about the current statistics of traumas because of ice. After New Year's vacation in skoropomoshchny service addresses from 5 to 15 victims per day, writes RIA Novosti news agency. As makes comments on Mosgorzdrav, not all faces causing fast because of falling on streets, have suffered from ice, but the detailed statistics of the reasons is not conducted.

Since the beginning of the period of a sharp Continue reading