What is the antioxidantsThe known academician of Accusative Skulachev synthesised an effective antioxidant which affects level of mitochondrions and fights against poisonous forms of oxygen. In cooperation with the Moscow veterinary academy by means of a wonderful preparation it was possible to return sight of 19 animals, among which dogs, cats, rabbits and one horse. But even after that disputes in the scientific world do not cease: that represent antioxidants - an elixir of longevity or one more myth …

Advantage of antioxidants

Speaking to language of science, antioxidants are such substances which let's be oxidised to harmful chemical compounds in cages of our organism that reduces risk of development of many serious diseases, including the oncological. And if simply, it is necessary to remember a course of chemistry of high school. After all at the heart of the most part of processes which occur on Earth, oxidation reaction under the influence of oxygen lies. It "is guilty" that iron rusts, the cut apple, having lain down on light, becomes brown, and fallen leaves start to decay. The same occurs and in a human body. From air which we breathe, the most part of consumed oxygen goes on needs of a metabolism, and approximately free radicals are formed of 2 % - highly active molecular particles which cause considerable destructions of cages.

In norm in our organism is whole antioxidant (or anti-oxidising) system which throughout all life reflects dangerous radicals and supports normal balance. But after 40 years it any more does not cope with this task independently and it is necessary for helping. It is twice actual in case the person is treated to action of such extreme factors as radiation or chemical poisons in environment.

The main antioxidants are:

  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • beta carotene
  • vitamin E
  • selenium
  • calcium

If regularly to fill up an organism, products which include these substances, not only oxidation does not threaten an organism, but also the old age can be removed for 5-10 years.

It is easy for checking, having made simple experiment if we take a piece of fresh meat, we will divide it equally and we will take some time without the refrigerator. But thus we will cover one part with solution of vitamin E which can be bought in any drugstore, and the second part we will leave as is. After a while the raw piece of meat will be weather-beaten and will darken, and what has been covered with a vitamin layer, will keep still for a long time pink colour and will not deteriorate.

Antioxidants get to our organism only together with food. According to all available data from the American scientists, in black coffee contains much more antioxidants, than in fruit and vegetables. The second place occupies green tea. Among fruit the cranberry is in the lead. Then go: pears, dark blue grapes, apples, cherries, wild strawberry, water-melon, bilberry, bananas, green grapes. And the vegetable richest with antioxidants is a cabbage of broccoli.

Where them to take

Vitamin C contains in a citrus, cabbage, strawberry and potatoes. In day not less than 2000 mg (it approximately a dvukhsotgrammovy glass of orange juice) are necessary for us. And here vitamin C it is required to smokers who are much more subject to negative action of free radicals, on 35 mg more.

Vitamin A contains, generally in fish, seafood, apricots and a liver. Its daily dose makes 1000 mg. In the nature vitamin A is in a form ретинола which contains only in fabrics of animals.

Vitamin E differs from other antioxidants that contains such important component as alpha tocopherol - the unique substance which blood can deliver to cages at once as soon as in it there is an urgent need. The need of an organism for it in day is equal 25 mg. And the main sources of vitamin E are nuts, cereals, a liver and various vegetables.

Beta carotene represents a vegetative pigment which is in fruit and vegetables of yellow-orange colour (for example: carrots, pumpkin, apricot, peach, orange, etc.). But the problem consists that to receive daily norm of beta carotene (5-6 mg), it is necessary to eat до2 кгморкови in day, what not to everyone under force.

Selenium - a unique mineral which is a part some many enzymes and hormones which provide the vital functions of an organism, and supports immunity. Unfortunately, it is very non-uniformly distributed in crust and almost all territory of Russia is selenodefitsitny. The most optimum daily dose for selenium - 400 mg. Most of all it contains in seaweed, fish, a liver and cereals. In a complex with such antioxidants as vitamins E and About selenium improves powers of thinking and memory, reduces a depression and eliminates fatigue.

Calcium is necessary to our organism as air and the we become more senior, the more we need it. Daily need for calcium of the adult person составляет1,5. Especially there is a lot of calcium in milk, cottage cheese, firm cheeses, fish, eggs, green vegetables, nuts and even in drinking water. But in food it is in a molecular form while it is necessary for the person only in ionic, differently this mineral is not acquired. Therefore calcium is necessary for accepting only together with vitamin D.

And still the expressed antioxidant activity infusions of a turmeric, a thistle of a dairy and gold root possess. But before including them in the diet, it is necessary to consult by all means with the skilled phytotherapist.

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