Poison or medicine?On arms of doctors the large quantity of medicines, but is among them special group is the poisons, capable to save to the person life.

1. Varfarin (зоокумарин). This substance which does not have taste and a smell, let's be turned off blood because of what it is effectively applied as rat poison. When mixing with food (as a bait) it is especially effective, because rodents continue to eat poison during the day therefore in their organism the lethal dose (1 mg/kg/day within six days collects). Varfarin also can be mixed with talc which settles on skin and fur of an animal and subsequently is consumed by it during cleaning and personal care. In medicine efficiency of a preparation in prevention of thromboses and emboliya has been found. And it appoint to patients both for prevention, and with a view of fight against already formed blood clots or myocardial infarction consequences.
2. Arsenic. One more chemical element which connections apply to destruction of mice and rats. To this poisonous property the substance, by the way, is obliged by the name. Meanwhile, many of arsenical preparations in very small doses are used as drugs for fight against an anaemia as make clinically significant stimulating impact on krovetvoreniye functions. 1 % arsenic is known means for psoriasis treatment. Inorganic compound of arsenic - myshyakovisty anhydride - is applied in dental surgery practice (stomatology) in the form of paste as nekrotiziruyushchy medicine.
3. Strychnine. It is extremely toxic and can be used as pesticide. On impact on an organism the substance belongs to the I class of danger (extremely dangerous), it is the conventional poison. The average lethal dose makes about 1 mg. on 1 kg. masses of a body. In therapeutic doses has stimulating effect on sense organs (aggravates sight, taste, hearing, tactile feeling), raises the sosudodvigatelny and respiratory centres, tones up skeletal muscles, and also a heart muscle, stimulates processes of an exchange and increases sensitivity of a retina of an eye. Apply strychnine as tonic at the general fall of processes of an exchange, fast fatigue, a hypotonic illness, weakening of warm activity because of intoxications and infections, at some functional violations of the visual device (An ambliopiya, амавроз), at paresis and paralyses, a stomach atoniya.
4. Poison of a coppery-headed snake. Lethal concentration of such poison for the person makes 100 mg. It is revealed that the cleared poison of this snake contains a protein контортростатин (Contortrostatin) suppressing development of cancer cages in vitro. It constrains distribution of cancer cages, interfering with their soldering with healthy cages and to introduction in the normal fabrics surrounding a tumour, and also suppresses development of new blood vessels which feed a new growth. Thus, experts hope to prevent, including, and emergence of metastasises. Probably, will pass a lot of time while on the basis of poison will develop operating medicine, but already it is now proved that prospects of creation of anti-cancer means from the substance allocated by a coppery-headed snake, very encouraging.
5. Paslyon (belladonna). All known poisonous паслёне (as well as in a mandrake, a belladonna and other his colleagues) in high quantity contains atropine which is successfully applied in bradycardia treatment (low frequency of warm reductions) and asistoliya (cardiac arrest). Besides, atropine is successfully applied at гипергидрозе (a superfluous potootdeleniye). Atropine is a white crystal or granular flavourless powder, easily soluble in water and alcohol. It apply at stomach ulcer of a stomach and a duodenal gut, пилороспазме, cholecystitis, a cholelithic illness, at spasms of intestines and uric ways, bronchial asthma, to reduction of secretion of salivary, gastric and bronchial glands.
6. Poison of the Chilean tarantula. Biologists from university of the state of Buffalo investigated poison of a big Chilean tarantula which affects first of all the central nervous system, causing interruptions in passing of nervous impulses to muscles. It has appeared that one of proteins components of poison can help with prevention of heart attacks. Introduction in an organism of such substances allows to stop fibrillation of auricles, and also considerably reduces risk of a lethal outcome. To be fair it is necessary to notice that tarantulas - it is far not the spiders most dangerous to the person. Their sting is not deadly, and in most cases causes the only small has swelled it is similar to a swelling after the bee or a wasp has stung.
The list provided here - it is far not the full. It is known that in medicine widely apply bee sting, and poison of a cobra serves here for fight against stenocardia. Poisons of the majority of snakes from family of vipers possess action curtailing blood. From poison гюрзы the styptic preparation - лебетокс is at all received. The ergot (the wrecker of cereals) contains алкалоиды, a part of preparations for treatment of a headache and Parkinson's illness. The substance containing in poison of a yellow scorpion, is used at a cancer therapy. Thus, it becomes obvious, what even the natural elements most dangerous, at first sight, can appear not only deadly poison, but also medicine necessary for the person.

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