Analogues of expensive drugs: ointments and drops<< Первая часть статьи

Drops from cold.

Ksimelin (about 160 roubles), Dlyanos (about 80 roubles) and Glazolin (about 40 roubles), Rinonorm (about 40 roubles), Rinostop (about 20 roubles)

Active substance: ксилометазолина hydrochloride
Indications: the complicated nasal breath (sharp rhinitis, sinusitis), average otitis (for reduction of hypostasis of a mucous nasopharynx).

Drops for eyes.

Максидекс (about 140 roubles) and Dexamethasone (about 40 roubles)
Active substance: dexamethasone
Indications: conjunctivitis (not purulent and allergic), кератит, кератоконъюнктивит (without damage an epiteliya), блефарит, склерит, эписклерит, ретинит, ирит, иридоциклит, etc. увеиты various генеза, блефароконъюнктивит, neuritis of an optic nerve, retrobulbarny neuritis, superficial traumas of a cornea of a various aetiology (after a full epitelizatsiya of a cornea), inflammation prevention after operative interventions, a sympathetic oftalmiya. Allergic and inflammatory diseases (including microbic) take in, otitis.

Midriatsil (about 360 roubles) and Tropikamid (about 80 roubles)
Active substance: тропикамид
Indications: research of an eye bottom and crystalline lens, refraction definition; surgical practice (Ekstraktsiya of a cataract, operation on a retina and steklovidny body, retina lazerokoagulyatsiya); inflammatory diseases of eyes, prevention of development of sinekhiya in the postoperative period (as a part of complex therapy).

Ointments for external application.

Diklak (about 200 roubles), Voltaren Emulgel (about 170 roubles) and Diklofenak (about 30 roubles)
Active substance: диклофенак
Indications: post-traumatic inflammation of sinews, sheaves, muscles and joints (stretching, overload, bruises); the localised forms of rheumatic diseases of soft fabrics (including тендовагинит, a syndrome "shoulder brush", бурсит, периартриты); osteoart roses of peripheral joints and backbone joints.

Fastum gel (about 230 roubles), Bystrumgel (about 140 roubles) and to Ketoprofen-vert (about 70 roubles)
Active substance: кетопрофен
Indications: Sharp and chronic inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal device (revmatoidny arthritis, спондилоартрит, art roses, osteochondrosis); painful inflammatory or traumatic (including sports) defeats of joints, sinews, sheaves and muscles (including arthritis, периартрит, тендинит, тендосиновит, бурсит, bruises of muscles, sprains, ruptures of sheaves and sinews of muscles, dislocations, injuries of a meniscus of a knee, wryneck, люмбаго), phlebitis, thrombophlebitis of superficial veins, лимфангит, inflammatory processes of skin.

Виролекс (tablets, about 230 roubles), Zoviraks (about 180 roubles), Acyclovir (about 20 roubles)
Active substance: acyclovir
Indications: treatment of infections of skin and the mucous membranes caused by the virus Herpes simplex of type 1 and 2, both primary, and secondary, including genitalny herpes; prevention of exacerbations of the retsidiviruyushchy infections caused by the virus Herpes simplex of type 1 and 2 in patients with the normal immune status and an immunodeficiency.

Lamizil (about 400 roubles), Fungoterbin (about 200 roubles) and Terbinafin (about 100 roubles)
Active substance: тербинафин
Indications: онихомикоз, caused by mushrooms dermatophytes; mycoses of a hairy part of the head; fungoid infections of skin - treatment дерматомикозов trunks, shins, feet, and also the barmy infections of skin caused by mushrooms of the sort Candida (for example, Candida albicans).

Diprosalik (about 450 roubles), Belosalik (about 310 roubles) and Akriderm SK (about 180 roubles)
Active substance: beta metazone дипропионат
Indications: a dermatosis (podostry, chronic), sensitive to local therapy by glucocorticoids and being accompanied the giperkeratozy: psoriasis, atopic dermatitis (neurodermatitis), red flat deprive, eczema, disgidrotichesky dermatitis, an ichthyosis and ikhtiozoformny changes.

Bepanten (about 250 roubles) and Dekspantenol (about 90 roubles)
Active substance: декспантенол
Indications: For prevention and treatment of various damages of integuments, such as cracks, grazes, skin attritions. Treatment of burns of a various origin; inflammatory processes on skin, a dermatosis.

Lioton-1000 (about 300 roubles) and Geparin-akri gel (about 140 roubles)
Active substance: гепарин
Indications: thrombophlebitis of superficial veins, флеботромбоз, complications after surgeries on the veins, the localised infiltrates and hypostases of soft fabrics, injuries of sinews and joints, bruises of soft fabrics and joints.

Troksevazin (about 110 roubles) and Trokserutin (about 50 roubles)
Active substance: троксерутин
Indications: the chronic venous insufficiency, being accompanied pain and puffiness; varicose expansion of veins; superficial thrombophlebitis; hemorrhoids; trophic violations at varicose expansion of veins; postflebitichesky syndrome; trophic ulcers and dermatitis at chronic venous insufficiency; spasms of muscles of the bottom extremities at night (for intake); a retinopatiya (for intake); pains and hypostases after traumas (for external application).

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