Analogues of expensive drugsOften doctors appoint to patients expensive preparations though there are their cheaper analogues which have not been so advertised on television and on the Internet, but with identical properties and mechanisms of impact on an organism. The person having any illness and trusting to medical institution, infrequently reflects on an economic benefit and possibility to get more available medicine, is obedient carrying the written-out recipe in a drugstore. It not the most right approach as each time when the doctor recommends any means is much more useful to ask the expert about possible options of his replacement. Moreover, if the doctor for any reasons has not provided you information about дженериках, it does not mean yet that those do not exist.

In one of our articles we already told that after registration of an original preparation the manufacturing company takes out the patent for its production within 20 years. After this period other pharmaceutical plants can synthesise and register medicine active ingredient under other trading name for the purpose of removal on the market and realisation to the population. Preparat-dzhenerik is cheaper original as the manufacturing firm does not include in its cost of costs on a full complex of researches which have already been carried out it by predecessors. Actually, the company is limited to synthesis of a necessary substance and development of a medicinal form. On the one hand less often, preparations analogues forge (in a type of their low cost it economically not favourably), with another - quality of the synthesised substance and the equipment on which it make, not always appear at height. However each patient has a choice.
If you decide to use cheaper analogue of known medicine, we hurry to supply you with necessary information: the list of original preparations with possible options of replacement.

Antiviral, anti-inflammatory, febrifugal.

Grippferon (about 200 roubles) and Interferon (about 80 roubles)
Active substance: interferon alpha
Indications: prevention and treatment of flu and other respiratory virus infections.

Фервекс (about 200 roubles), Panadol (about 50 roubles) and Paracetamol (about 5 roubles)
Active substance: paracetamol
Indications: cold, ринофарингит, rhinitis, cold in the chest. Pain syndrome (weak and moderate expressiveness): Artralgiya, mialgiya, neuralgia, migraine, tooth and headache, альгодисменорея.

Tamiflya (about 1100 roubles) and Ingamerin (about 400 roubles)
Active substance: oseltamivir/vitaglutam
Indications: prevention and flu and ORVI treatment.

Diflyukan (about 500 roubles), Flyukostat (about 200 roubles), Forkan (about 150 roubles) and Flyuknazol (about 40 roubles)
Active substance: флуконазол
Indications: Kriptokokkoz (including kriptokokkovy meningitis), system candidiasis, candidiasis of mucous membranes, vaginalny candidiasis, prevention of fungoid infections at patients with the reduced immunity (including at patients AIDS). Skin mycoses, including mycoses of feet, bodies, pakhovy area; otrubevidny deprive; онихомикоз. Deep endemichesky mycoses, including кокцидиомикоз, паракокцидиомикоз, споротрихоз and гистоплазмоз at patients with normal immunity.


Sumamed (about 400 roubles), Hemomitsin (about 250 roubles) and Azitromitsin (about 100 roubles)
Active substance: азитромицина dihydrate
Indications: Infections of the top departments of respiratory ways and the ENT organs, caused by sensitive activators: pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, average otitis; scarlet fever; infections of the bottom departments of respiratory ways: pneumonia (including atypical, aggravation chronic), bronchitis; infections of skin and soft fabrics: an ugly face, the impetigo, again infected dermatosis; infections of urinary ways: gonorrheal and not gonorrheal уретрит, цервицит; an illness Lima (an initial stage - erythema migrans), stomach ulcer of a stomach and the duodenal gut, associated with Helicobacter pylori (as a part of the combined therapy)

Trikhopol (about 100 roubles) and Metronidozol (about 15 roubles)
Active substance: metronidazole
Indications: trichomoniasis (including chronic complicated), лямблиоз, амебиаз and amoebic abscess of a liver, the infections caused by anaerobny bacteria (including peritonitises, abscesses of an abdominal cavity and a liver; endometritises, abscesses of yaichnik and fallopiyevy pipes, postoperative complications; pneumonia, эмпиема pleurae, lung abscess; meningitis, brain abscess; skin infections; infections of bones; sepsis; эндокардит).

The antiallergic.

Zirtek (about 250 roubles) and Tsetirinaks (about 80 roubles)
Active substance: цетиризина hydrochloride
Indications: Seasonal and all-the-year-round allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis (an itch, a sneezing, ринорея, dacryagogue, a conjunctiva giperemiya), the small tortoiseshell (including the chronic idiopathic small tortoiseshell), поллиноз (hay fever), an itching allergic dermatosis, angioneurotic hypostasis.

Klaritin (about 250 roubles), Lomilan (about 120 roubles) and Lorageksal (about 50 roubles)
Active substance: лоратадин
Indications: Allergic rhinitis (seasonal and all-the-year-round), conjunctivitis, поллиноз, the small tortoiseshell (including chronic idiopathic), has swelled to Kvinka, the pseudo-allergic reactions, an itching dermatosis, allergic reactions to stings of insects.

Treatment of diseases of a stomach, pancreas

Zantak (about 200 roubles) and Ranitidin (about 15 roubles)
Active substance: ранитидина (in the form of a hydrochloride)
Indications: treatment and prevention of exacerbations of stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenal gut.

Ultop (about 200 roubles), Omez (about 150 roubles), Gastrozol (about 100 roubles) and Omeprazol (about 30 roubles)
Active substance: омепразол
Indications: stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenal gut, prevention of recurrence and heavy reflux-ezofagita, gipersekretorny conditions (Zollingera-Allison's syndrome, stressful ulcers of ZhKT, polyendocrine аденоматоз, system мастоцитоз).

Imodium (about 200 roubles) and Loperamid (about 10 roubles)
Active substance: лоперамида hydrochloride
Indications: Symptomatic treatment of the sharp and chronic diarrhoeia caused by change of a diet and qualitative structure of food, metabolism and absorption violation, and also allergic, emotional, medicinal, beam генеза; илеостома (for reduction of frequency of defekatsiya and chair volume, and also for giving of hardness of its consistence).

Mezim (about 250 roubles) and Pankreatin (about 40 roubles)
Active substance: pan-kreatine
Indications: insufficiency of vneshnesekretorny function of a pancreas (муковисцидоз, chronic pancreatitis and so forth). Chronic inflammatory and dystrophic diseases of a stomach, intestines, liver, gall bladder. Improvement of digestion of food at an error in a diet, including the use of fat, unusual or food hard to digest.

Treatment of diseases of a liver.

To Essentsial Forte (about 500 roubles) and Essliver Forte (about 220 roubles)
Active component: фосфолипиды
Indications: chronic hepatitises, cirrhosis, a fatty degeneration of a liver of a various aetiology, toxic defeats of a liver, pregnancy toxicoses, psoriasis (as auxiliary thera
py), a radiating syndrome.

Preparations warm and regulating pressure.

Enap (about 150 roubles) and Enalapril (about 80 roubles), Ednit (about 50 roubles)
Active ingredient: эналаприл maleate
Indications: arterial hypertension (symptomatic, renovaskulyarny, including at a sklerodermiya), prevention of coronary ischemia, chronic warm insufficiency (as a part of the combined therapy).

Trental (about 200 roubles) and Pentoksifillin (about 60 roubles)
Active substance: пентоксифиллин
Indications: Violations of peripheral blood circulation (эндартериит, Reynaud's illness, etc.); tserebrovaskulyarny pathologies (atherosclerotic violations, ischemic and posleinfarktny conditions, etc.); vascular pathology of eyes and internal ear; diabetic nefroangiopatiya and other diabetic angiopatiya; the trophic changes connected with defeat of arteries or veins and violation of microcirculation (a posttromboflebitichesky syndrome, trophic ulcers, gangrene, freezing injuries).

Panangin (about 120 roubles) and Asparkam (about 11 roubles)
Active substance: potassium аспарагинат, magnesium аспартат
Indications: Warm insufficiency, a myocardial infarction, violations of a warm rhythm (mainly ventricular arrhythmias), additional therapy at treatment by warm glycosides, a gipokaliyemiya, a gipomagniyemiya, insufficient receipt of ions of magnesium and potassium in an organism at their deficiency in a diet.

Normodipin (about 370 roubles), Eskordi Kor (about 200 roubles), Amlotop (about 100 roubles) and Amlodipin (about 30 roubles)
Active substance: амлодипин
Indications: arterial hypertension, as monotherapy or in a combination with other hypotensive means: tiazidny диуретиками, ?-адреноблокаторами or APF inhibitors; tension stenocardia, vazospastichesky stenocardia (Printsmetal's stenocardia)

Kavinton (about 550 roubles) and Vinpotsetin (about 100 roubles)
Active substance: винпоцетин
Indications: sharp (at impossibility of parenteralny introduction) and chronic forms of insufficiency of brain blood circulation (including sharp and rezidualny stages of a stroke, tranzitorny ischemic attacks, encephalopathies, a dementsiya after the transferred violations of brain blood circulation); vascular diseases of a retina and/or a vascular cover of an eye (owing to atherosclerosis, ангиоспазма, thrombosis); the degenerate changes of a yellow spot caused by atherosclerosis or angiospazmy; secondary glaucoma (owing to an obturatsiya of vessels);

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