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Analogues of expensive drugsOften doctors appoint to patients expensive preparations though there are their cheaper analogues which have not been so advertised on television and on the Internet, but with identical properties and mechanisms of impact on an organism. The person having any illness and trusting to medical institution, infrequently reflects on an economic benefit and possibility to get more available medicine, is obedient carrying the written-out recipe in a drugstore. Continue reading

Talidomidny tragedyTalidomid - the medicine which has become history and is unfortunately far not because differs high quality or the expressed medical effect. Though the effect, undoubtedly, is: during the period from 1956 to 1962 in a number of the countries of the world was born, by different calculations, from 8000 to 12 000 children with the congenital uglinesses caused by that mothers accepted preparations талидомида during pregnancy. 7 thousand babies have Continue reading

History of the first antibioticPenicillin has been open in 1928. And here in the Soviet Union people continued to die even then when in the West this antibiotic already treated with might and main.

The weapon against microorganisms

Antibiotics (from the Greek words "anti-" - against and "BIOS" - life) - substances, selectively overwhelming vital signs of some microorganisms. The first antibiotic has been casually open in 1928 by English scientist Alexander Continue reading

Poison or medicine?On arms of doctors the large quantity of medicines, but is among them special group is the poisons, capable to save to the person life.

1. Varfarin (зоокумарин). This substance which does not have taste and a smell, let's be turned off blood because of what it is effectively applied as rat poison. When mixing with food (as a bait) it is especially effective, because rodents continue to eat poison during the day therefore in their organism the Continue reading

Analogues of expensive drugs: ointments and drops< < Первая часть статьи

Drops from cold.

Ksimelin (about 160 roubles), Dlyanos (about 80 roubles) and Glazolin (about 40 roubles), Rinonorm (about 40 roubles), Rinostop (about 20 roubles)

Active substance: ксилометазолина hydrochloride
Indications: the complicated nasal breath (sharp rhinitis, sinusitis), average otitis (for reduction of hypostasis of a mucous nasopharynx).

Drops for eyes.

Максидекс (about 140 roubles) and Dexamethasone (about 40 roubles)
Active Continue reading

What is the antioxidantsThe known academician of Accusative Skulachev synthesised an effective antioxidant which affects level of mitochondrions and fights against poisonous forms of oxygen. In cooperation with the Moscow veterinary academy by means of a wonderful preparation it was possible to return sight of 19 animals, among which dogs, cats, rabbits and one horse. But even after that disputes in the scientific world do not cease: that represent antioxidants - an elixir Continue reading