Skates or skis?Winter, especially in long-awaited New Year's vacation, excellent time for walks in the open air. Consider, what your child already enough adult that it is not simple to throw snowballs or to mould a snowman, and to be engaged in winter sports? Remarkably. Here only to approach to their choice it is necessary with all responsibility: without having forgotten to consult to the doctor and … with the child.

To everyone the

Let's begin with age. If your kid in 4-5 years already pulls the handle behind a ski stick, it does not mean that it is necessary to satisfy his request right there. Pediatrists recommend to put the child on skates from 6 years, on skis - from 8 years, and to give to hockey section not earlier, than he will be 9 years old. Such age restrictions are caused by features of development of a children's skeleton, copular and muscular devices and nervous activity. Do not forget: the child not always can objectively estimate consequences of the actions that is fraught with a traumatism. Therefore with children of preschool age it is better to be engaged in the winter in a tyubing (in other words, driving on inflatable sledge - "cheese cakes"), not so long ago the comer to us from the West and already in time to win popularity not only among children's, but also among adult population.

Visit of the district doctor should become the following obligatory step at a choice of a winter sport for the child. Only it, having estimated its state of health, can resolve or not allow these or those occupations. Not superfluous will and visit the orthopedist to exclude platypodia with which both on skis and on skates to the child it will be equally uncomfortable.

Pluses and minuses

All winter sports are very useful to children. But at each of them is strong and weaknesses. Figure skating is not only one of the most beautiful sports, but also a fine way to improve coordination of movements. But it is not recommended at bronchial asthma and short-sightedness.

Walking on skis perfectly strengthens muscles of a back and feet, tempers an organism, improve work of respiratory and cardiovascular systems. However with metabolism diseases it is contraindicated to children.

And game in hockey though promotes development of the musculoskeletal device, is recognised as the most travmatichny sport and demands endurance and working capacity.

The psychological factor is important also. Choosing a winter sport, talk for a start to the child heart-to-heart, having asked a simple question: «And than you would want to be engaged and why?» If your child at heart the individualist and the meek creature, hockey for which it is very important to be the member of team, it is obvious not for it. And if the girl suffers excess weight, systematic emergence in body stockings on public becomes for it the real torture and will lead to formation of heavy psychological complexes. The conclusion from here follows: too it is better not to neglect consultation of the children's psychologist.

And when all pros and cons are weighed and the choice is made, there comes the second important stage of preparation: choice of necessary sports stock.

How to choose skates?

Skates happen three types:

  • Dvukhpoloznye - with wide double runners and the kapron belts fixing them on a foot.
  • The figured - with a convex form of an edge and a special teeth on the forward end.
  • The hockey - share on skates with a demountable edge, and cast, but on length it should coincide with a boot.

The ideal decision for the beginning athlete are dvukhpolozny skates on which it is easier to resist on ice. To try on them upon purchase it is necessary on warm socks in which the child will go for a drive.

How to choose skis?

Children's skis happen wooden, plastic and combined. It is best of all, if the first skis of the kid are from plastic. Unlike wooden, they are much stronger, so, will serve more long. And also it is not necessary to grease them regularly with ski ointment for the best sliding.

The length of children's skis depends on its weight. If it less than 20 kg, the length has to make 70 see. If weight within 20-30 kg, 90 see. And from 30 to 40 kg - 100 see.

That is the mass of a body of the child should be such that it could bend a ski at a contact of snow it an average part. Otherwise skis will bury during snow, and drivings it will not turn out.

In case the weight of the child exceeds 40 kg, it can select skis for growth how it do for adults.

The main thing - not to be sorry …

… time and means. The first always does not suffice to us, therefore often parents choose sports section for the child, proceeding from that, how close it is from the house. It in a root is incorrect. After all it is necessary to be engaged there not to you, and the child. Therefore it is the extremely important, that the section was in the room adapted for this purpose, and the trainer was not only the expert in the business, but also was able to find contact to children. And if for this purpose it is necessary to go two means of transport, it is necessary to reconcile to it.

The second danger which traps parents, is false economy. All necessary sports ammunition is better for getting in specialised shop, after all the economy on poor-quality equipment can lead to traumas.

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