Instructions on a food in kindergartensIn kindergarten of children it is necessary to feed correctly that at them did not develop obesity by that moment when they it is reached school age, the British dieticians consider. At the beginning of a year they have published the instruction with offers on modification of the menu of kindergarten kids and introduction of additional instructing for their teachers.
According to offers of Fund of a school food, at the age from a year till five years it is necessary for child to provide possibility to eat properly and consume healthy food. It is especially important to protect it for this period from sweet and aerated water, even during holidays. The menu offered by the British physicians very variativno also changes seasonally. For winter, spring, summer and autumn various power supply systems are developed. As to a day regimen, experts have agreed in opinion about need for children frequent, but lungs having bitten, as kids have high needs for energy, but small stomachs. As a result the decision on allocation of time for a breakfast, morning snack, a dinner, a mid-morning snack and after-dinner tea drinking have been made.
Among especially important for pupils of preschool institutions of products there were boiled eggs, sugar peas, хумус, pork, an apple baked pudding, beans and vegetable pancakes. From drinks experts have recommended to treat children only with milk and water in intervals between food intakes, and fruit juice, besides, dissolved with water, during food. From recommendations for nurses very interesting the wish not to leave the kid behind food of one, alone with games or the TV is represented. Besides, advice according to which it is not necessary to force to eat up without fail the child everything that remained on a plate is given. According to dieticians, superfluous severity here to anything, after all after the main dish the person still should «have forces» also for an obligatory dessert.
Representatives of Fund of a school food, certainly, have agreed that there are in kindergartens special cases when the habitual menu can be changed. Birthdays and other holidays belong to such situations, for example. However and here experts have urged not to be fond, and instead of candies and sugar candies to give out to children as memorable gifts of a sticker or other "safe" souvenirs for a stomach. «A healthy food underlies to help each child to receive good start in life. Kindergartens play important role in that children from all sectors of society could develop at themselves the correct food habits, after all many of them have no special knowledge of what food is better and more useful», - scientists conclude.
At this time in St. Petersburg concerned parents дошколят are revolted that quality of food in kindergartens, and earlier low, has sharply fallen after New year. As the newspaper «Nevsky time» reports, scandal here has burst because of unexpected introduction by Management of a sotspitaniye of new requirements to structure of the products delivered in kindergartens of Petersburg.« According to officials, milk or бифидокефире for preschool children without fail should contain such substances "useful" to children's health, as левомицетин, mercury, an aflatoxin, дихлорциклогексан and its isomers, caesium-137, strontium-90 and even DDT and its metabolites. "Softer" demands are made to sour-milk products - in yoghurts there should be a mould and yeast, at fermented baked milk, besides, also already mentioned caesium and strontium», - the newspaper is indignant. On the basis of these requirements new competitive selection of suppliers of products for child care facilities was made. As a result, for example, all 684 prizes on food delivery in gardens of the Admiralty area was won by one company (JSC Artis Detskoye pitaniye) as only it completely corresponded to new wishes of Management. The Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights has come to a conclusion that on sanitary and chemical and microbiological indicators of safety the made demands contradict the standard norms in our country, and recognised: the local organisation had not the right to change independently contents of predominating documents, it has exceeded the powers. Experts are sure that officials thereby have threatened health of children. However sotspitaniye Management still has not reacted in any way to the Russian Agency for Health and Consumer Rights statement, no less than has not cancelled semi-annual contracts with the companies, undertaken to deliver in gardens milk with mercury.
Meanwhile, in January in Krasnoyarsk the program «School milk» has earned. Its essence that daily on «dairy five-minutes» all pupils with 1 on 4 classes receive on 200 milliliters of milk in bags with a tubule. Surprisingly, but many parents have opposed such initiative of the authorities. In their opinion, "superfluous" budget money would be much more competent to start up on construction of new kindergartens, instead of on milk purchase for school students.

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