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Instructions on a food in kindergartensIn kindergarten of children it is necessary to feed correctly that at them did not develop obesity by that moment when they it is reached school age, the British dieticians consider. At the beginning of a year they have published the instruction with offers on modification of the menu of kindergarten kids and introduction of additional instructing for their teachers.
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Skates or skis?Winter, especially in long-awaited New Year's vacation, excellent time for walks in the open air. Consider, what your child already enough adult that it is not simple to throw snowballs or to mould a snowman, and to be engaged in winter sports? Remarkably. Here only to approach to their choice it is necessary with all responsibility: without having forgotten to consult to the doctor and … with the child.

To everyone the

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Syndrome of deficiency of attention and hyperactivitySyndrome of deficiency of attention and hyperactivity (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), abbr. SDVG) - the neurologic and behavioural disorder of development beginning at children's age. It is shown by such symptoms, as difficulties of concentration of attention, a hyperactivity and badly operated impulsiveness.

SDVG has been described for the first time by doctor Henry Hoffman (Heinrich Hoffman) in 1845. In 1902 sir George F. Still Continue reading