Zalmanovs curative bathsThe name of doctor Alexander Zalmanov became widely known at us only at the end of the XX century when in drugstores there were skipidarny emulsions invented by it for baths. In due time he even was Lenin's personal doctor. And modern scientists are declined to that the way to extension of term of human life should be looked for in Zalmanov's works …

Magic power of a pine

A.Zalmanov has made discovery that the main reason of diseases and an old age is covered in violation of work of capillaries by which all our organism is penetrated. «Life is a perpetual motion of liquids between cages and in cages, - Zalmanov wrote. - The stop of this movement leads to death. Partial delay of movement of liquids in any body causes partial frustration. The general delay out of - and in cellular liquids causes a disease».

In search of means which would clear capillaries, the attention of doctor Zalmanov was involved ordinary … by a pine. This tree has appeared on Earth 150 million years ago. The pine has worried both ice age, and eruption of volcanoes, for her "memories" appeared and new animal species disappeared. And all this time it served as belief and the truth to people. In Ancient Greece doctors widely used medical properties of a pine. In Ancient Egypt pine pitch was applied to closing of sarcophagi and embalming of mummies of Pharaohs. The northern people still consider a pine as a life symbol. And in Russia from time immemorial special masters - tar extractors - extracted tar, coal and pitch which then processed on turpentine and rosin from pine logs.

Turpentine receive at distillation of a zhivitsa with water vapour. Zhivitsa is a pitch of coniferous trees. Into structure of a zhivitsa enter terpentinovy oil (or zhivichny turpentine) and the nonvolatile pitch acids containing water, rosin, and a small amount of impurity. Turpentine possesses the expressed oxidising, healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Turpentine our great-grandfathers pounded sick joints, escaped from radiculitis and gout. The medical effect of effect of turpentine is connected with ability терпенов to get through the top layer of skin, to be dissolved in hypodermic fatty cellulose and to influence irritating on its sensitive nervous terminations. Also under their influence in skin biologically active substance (histamine) which opens the fallen-down capillaries is formed and expands their gleam. Thus, blood circulation in fabrics improves. Simple turpentine also has laid down in a basis of the medical emulsions developed by Zalmanov. The new direction in medicine so was born: treatment by skipidarny baths.

Types of skipidarny baths

Zalmanov's baths share Skipidarnye on three types: white, yellow and mixed.

  • The white emulsion opens capillaries and increases arterial pressure.
  • The yellow emulsion causes the strengthened potootdeleniye, clears capillaries of toxins and lowers arterial pressure.
  • The mixed baths allows to adapt "kapillyaroterapiya" for a condition of each sick person.

As the main contra-indications to application of skipidarny baths the expressed forms of the warm insufficiency, open tuberculosis and sharp psychosis serve.

For baths according to A.Zalmanov's recipe it is possible to prepare the Skipidarny emulsion and in house conditions. For this purpose in the enameled ware it is necessary растворить30 gterty children's soap in 500 ml of water, добавить0,75 gsalitsilovy acid and to boil on small fire, stirring slowly with a wooden stick. A hot mix to connect с0,5 kgzhivichny chemist's turpentine and it is good to mix. The emulsion should be stored in a bottle with a wide neck (or in bank) with the ground-in stopper. Such emulsion will suffice on 12-15 baths. Baths accept 2 days, and for the 3rd day - a break. Before bath reception «gentle places» it is necessary to grease all surely with fat cream or vaseline that there was no burn. Duration of a bath - 15 minutes, temperature - 37-37,5 ° degrees. Bath volume - 150-170 l. The first 20 baths are filled in with an emulsion in an increasing order: 1 day - 20 (the 2nd - … 30,40,50,60,70,75,80,85, 90 ml). Other baths receive on 90 ml of an emulsion.

Zalmanov all life regularly took skipidarny baths. When he was 86 years old, the French physicians have found in it a serious illness of intestines and seriously were afraid for his life. But Zalmanov literally "bathed" in turpentine and in some days, to huge surprise of doctors, felt absolutely healthy and has renewed reception of patients.

Wide circulation of a bath of Zalmanov have received in elite sanatoria of Switzerland. Even nazi bonzes during the Second World War did not disdain actively to rejuvenate the body according to the recipe of doctor Zalmanov in spite of the fact that it belonged to «the lowest race». And in the Soviet Union long time such baths were available only to the chosen party nomenclature in sanatoria of the closed type.

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