What is the sou-dzhok

Recently the increasing popularity in our country is won by east nonconventional medicine. In particular, one of its directions - a sou-dzhok semyanoterapiya. In China, India and Korea it was positioned as available to self-improvement everyone method. As "drugs" this method suggests to use … seeds of plants. And at the heart of its philosophy idea of a human body as whole with the nature lies.

Historical background

At the time of the first emperor Faugh the SI, governing in China in the III millennium B.C., one peasant who had a headache, has unintentionally hit itself on a foot with a mattock. Pain has passed at once. The message about a miracle has reached the emperor who was famous for the erudition and progressive views. On his order doctors have started to study a mysterious phenomenon and have found out: on a body of the person there are the special points which irritation brings healing from different diseases …

Only in the XX century this ancient theory has received scientific justification. The Korean professor Pak Chzhe Wu has in the late eighties developed a unique technique of treatment, which called «a sou-dzhok therapy» (in "sou" transfer - a brush, "dzhok" - foot) - a method of treatment by impact on a brush and foot by means of reflexotherapy: needles, the laser, simple pressing on certain points or applying of seeds of plants.

Why seeds? First, it more safely and more without serious consequences, than acupuncture or laser. Secondly, the person since ancient times received everything from plants that is necessary for life: food, clothes, fuel, dyes, a material for housing construction etc. time went, and in a basis of modern pharmacology medical properties of vegetative raw materials too have laid down. in production of very many medicamentous preparations. Adherents of east medicine are convinced that the revitalising effect is possible not only at their use inside in the form of extracts, tinctures and tablets. If to arrange plants on certain sites of biologically active points of a body of the person they are capable to have strongly expressed medical influence. Especially seeds, after all in them energy for growth of future plant is concentrated. The essence of influence consists in an exchange of receptors in the field of a sou-dzhok of a point and a part of a plant at physiological level (pectins and other useful substances of plants) and at level of electromagnetic fields and the torsionny interactions today studied not up to the end.

To each body - the seed

According to the theory of a sou-dzhok, a brush and foot correspond to all organism. The body of the person has five conditionally separate parts: head, two hands and two feet. 5 fingers at a hand and at foot of a foot correspond to 5 parts of a body. So, set most aside thumb is the head, a little finger and index fingers - hands, and average and anonymous - feet. The eminence of a palmar surface being under a thumb, - a thorax, its other part - an abdominal cavity. The back party of a brush - a back, and the longitudinal line which is conditionally dividing a brush half-and-half, is a backbone.

On brushes and feet there are biologically active points which correspond to all bodies and body sites. And seeds of plants are live biological structure which possesses big vital energy which at interaction with zones of compliance of sick bodies, absorbs from them pathogenic energy, filling them with the force.

Treatment is carried out by means of applying of seeds on the most painful points corresponding to sick body. Thus it is necessary to use seeds which the form repeat a form of this or that body. For example: at a disease of eyes - apply seeds of a round form (peas, black pepper); at diseases of kidneys - haricot seeds; at cardiovascular diseases - seeds of a guelder-rose, a buckwheat or a pumpkin. For treatment of diseases of a pancreas it is better to use grape stones. And at brain diseases - to carry out massage of zones of compliance to it by means of a walnut kernel, in a form of a reminding cerebral hemisphere. At a hearing disorder pomegranate seeds will help. And at chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma - fig.

Uniqueness of a semyanoterapiya of a sou-dzhok consists also that it is absolutely safe and cannot cause complications. If you believe in curing force of seeds, they can have favourable influence by a principle плацебо. And if is not present - too big harm will not be.

However it is necessary to remember that:

  • it is impossible to use seeds of the plants growing along highways and within the city (because of high concentration in them harmful substances),
  • it is impossible to apply seeds of poisonous plants or those plants on which you once had an allergy.
  • it is not necessary to use a sou-dzhok semyanoterapiya in relation to small children who are accustomed to try on tooth all subjects (can choke with a semechka and пр).

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