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Than the bathRemember, in the known film "Twist Of Fate or Happy Bathing!" all long could not understand: why the person goes to a bath if at his place there is a bath? It appears, in a bath it is possible not only to be washed up and communicate to friends, but also … to treat many diseases.

It is a little history

In pre-revolutionary Russia in a bath treated more often than in hospitals, after all them was a little, and they far not were available to everyone. Therefore in villages old men went to a bath to warm sick bones and to expel from them "sukhotu-ache". In the cities and districts rich merchants loved попариться in баньке to drive a superfluous fat. And in the capital even noble families did not disdain to take in the well-known Sandunovsky baths of the daughters - the grammar-school girls suffering from an anaemia which then called «pale немочью».

Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, as we know, loved not only dances and entertainments, but also a good steam room after which foot pain (because of rheumatism the Russian samoderzhitsa ceased has been compelled to put on balls under a dress valenoks instead of shoes). And the bath helped all.

That the science speaks

Anything supernatural in it is not present - today it is possible to explain efficiency of influence of a bath from the point of view of a science. The first messages of Russian doctors on treatment-and-prophylactic action of bathing procedures have appeared still in the forties the XIX century. They have proved that in a bath under the influence of high temperature and humidity skin pores best of all open. The person starts to sweat plentifully and through sweat the organism leaves various toxins and products of their disintegration.

The bath strengthens protective functions of an organism, increases immunity and improvingly affects skin, respiratory organs and the musculoskeletal device. According to the professor V. M. Bogolyubov, the head of the department of physiotherapy of the Russian medical academy of postdegree education, "Russian bath and a sauna should be considered as means of nonspecific therapy».

It is possible or is impossible?

To whom is «bathing therapy», first of all, shown? To the people inclined to chronic catarrhal diseases, diseases of the top respiratory ways, vegetative frustration of cardiovascular system, chronic disorders of activity of a gastroenteric path. And also - suffering metabolic disorders, skin diseases, arthritises, radiculitises and rheumatism.

And here what age is more senior than 70 years, it is better to refrain from visit of a bath. Doctors do not recommend it and at the increased body temperature, the general atherosclerosis with organic damage of an internal, arterial pressure свыше200 the mmrtutny column, open tuberculosis, diabetes, chronic diseases of kidneys, secondary glaucoma, epilepsy, coronary heart disease, stenocardia, a myocardial infarction, oncological diseases.

Observe rules

There are 4 rules which each person should observe 40 years, for the first time decided to visit a bath with the medical purpose are more senior.

Rule first. Before going to a bath it is necessary to consult with the attending physician: probably, on a state of health it is contraindicated to you. If to you have given «kindly!», all the same at first to visit a steam room follows carefully. At first it is short and, having only convinced that it goes to you on advantage, it is possible to start to increase temperature and duration of stay. If in a bath you felt badly, it is necessary to leave immediately a sweating room, instead of to suffer and hope on immemorial Russian «perhaps, then will feel better».

Rule second. As the main attribute for a campaign in a bath the broom serves and it is necessary to approach to its choice competently. The broom is a tool for a light massage therefore to pain to quilt itself to them it is impossible. Any broom in the conditions of a steam room allocates фитонциды which have on an organism bactericidal effect.

The broom can be from branches of any tree, but as the most curative are considered birch and oak. Steam out a broom so: put for 10-15 minutes in cold water, then for 2-3 minutes in boiled water, and then again in the cold.

Rule third. To submit water on a kamenka - the whole art therefore it is more convenient to do it together. It is better to use for this purpose not simple water, and with broths from herbs (at the rate of 1 glass of broth на3 lgoryachy water). At first splash on stones ordinary hot water. When they slightly will cool down, at once strike hot water with portion of broth. Then - again 2-3 portions at its finest and - again with medicines.

Thus grassy broths can be the most different: broth of a St. John's Wort is good at diseases of a stomach and articulate rheumatism; lime colour - at bronchitis; a sage - at sleeplessness. Except broths from medicinal herbs, apply also essential oils: the eucalyptus possesses antiseptic properties, the lavender is useful at neuralgia, a fir - at cold, and rose attar - at skin diseases.

Rule fourth. After a bath it is very important to satisfy correctly thirst to restore water balance of an organism. It is impossible to drink for this purpose cold water or beer because already in half an hour you again want to drink, and even at all chill a throat. It is better to drink cowberry (cranberry) berry juice or toning grassy to tea with a thyme or a ginseng.

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