SyromonoyedeniyeSyromonoyedeniye is a power supply system which means an exception of own diet of any food which was exposed to thermal processing (to frying, cooking, roasting or smoking). The main thing ruled adherents of a monotrofny syroyedeniye - a food by exclusively "live" vegetative food which has not been mixed in a preparation time and consumption, that is reception only one concrete product (fruit, vegetable, a plant) for once. Under a ban salt, pepper both other seasonings and amplifiers of taste. The unique resolved drink - water, it is desirable from natural sources which use nevertheless separately from food.
Syromonoyeda consider that fire and thermal processing kill food, depriving of it all useful properties. Products in their understanding share on live and dead.« » All vegetables, fruit, nuts, cereals, bean and root crops in the raw are live. All other food is "dead". To this category gets as any food prepared on open fire or the stove, and all production of animal husbandry being, in opinion сыроедов, poison of the slowed-down action. Such perception of a food quite simply speaks: энзимы, necessary for digestion, start to perish at temperature about 50 °C. Therefore, for assimilation of thermally processed food, the organism is compelled to spend own substances which stock is limited, and exhaustion энзимов conducts to diseases. Thus, the conclusion arises itself - bodies work very hard. Besides, undigested because of the raised loading the remains of food get to intestines where are exposed to process of rotting and provoke development of putrefactive microflora. It is considered also that during thermal processing in products a number of harmful chemicals (a trance fats, carcinogens, dioxine, free radicals) which influence the person after перекуса is formed.
The quote from a popular resource сыромоноедов:« Organism сыромоноеда same pure, as his eyes and skin. All bodies are healthy and work in an energy saving mode. On pure vessels pure and live blood, without slags and toxins flows. In a body there do not live parasites. It possesses symbiotic microflora which gives immunity and develops all substances necessary for an organism. Syromonoyed does not test need for frequent washing and use of any perfumery production for personal care. His body has no unpleasant smells. At it does not smell neither from a mouth, nor from armpits from feet, as at all ordinary people whom 2-3 times a day are compelled to brush teeth, use deodorants and endlessly to wash not to choke in own stench. By the way, air fresheners for a toilet too сыромоноеду without need since the unpleasant smell from its physiological vydeleniye too is not present. Syromonoyeda never accept any drugs and do not use doctors» (a source:
Many use a syromonoyedeniye with a view of correction of a figure and perceive it as a certain diet. It is not absolutely true, as channelized represents the whole power supply system and attitudes. Transition to a syromonoyedeniye also is not easy and cloudless. For example, here a response of the person, decided to refuse thermally processed food: «I have started to pass to a syromonoyedeniye slightly less than a year ago, and big crises did not happen. However there were diarrheas, cold, the general weakness, nausea, noise in ears. But it temporarily and passed soon».
Syromonoyedeniye is one of syroyedeniye types. As a whole, the most widespread type of this "parental" direction is the omnivorous syroyedeniye. It allows to include in a diet practically all types of products, even meat, fish, eggs and milk, but all only in the raw. At a vegetarian syroyedeniye you should exclude completely from own diet fish and meat, to use only crude vegetative food. The carnivorous syroyedeniye on the contrary, suggests to lean more on fish, meat and eggs, and fruit to use less. However between adherents of the different directions there are a lot of disagreements. For example, fruktorianets consider expedient a food exclusively as fruit as are sure of toxicity of crude albuminous food. The person, in their opinion, is not adapted for digestion of seeds, nuts and bean, and fault to all of squirrels in these products. Traditional сыроеды chuckle at these arguments, arguing that fruktorianets undermine the digestive system a long food by exclusively fruit. After that, they complain, not only the albuminous food becomes heavy for digestion, but also all the rest.
Medical experts, as a whole, consider that the syromonoyedeniye has the right to existence, but should be a part of a usual diet (dieticians remind: the share of crude vegetables in a diet should make no more than 50-70 %). Also doctors believe that the main advantage of a syroyedeniye this big receipt in an organism of the fresh vitamins, useful substances and the cellulose, clearing intestines. In it they see the main reason for beneficial influence of a food of this kind on the person (ugrevy rash, an allergy, an unpleasant smell from a mouth disappears). Fears in physicians are caused by inevitable reorganisation of microflora of the intestines, causing serious problems with digestion. Besides, many сыроеды have constant a feeling of hunger (especially at the initial stages), negatively affecting a condition of their nervous system.
Summing up all aforesaid, it is possible to draw a banal conclusion: it is not necessary to go into extremes in a pursuit of a fashionable tendency. Otherwise it is possible both for health to do much harm, and people to make laugh. Such happened, for example, with one syroyedy which in a generous impulse of clarification of an organism from all bad has eaten 150 eggs in two days.

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