Mummy – medicine by natureStill great ancient doctor Avicenna in «A canon of a medical science» wrote: «A mummy - mountain wax - fine remedy for diseases at dislocation and a change, from falling and blow, at the general paralysis of a facial nerve». Modern scientific researches have proved his case: the mummy possesses biostimulating properties, has antimicrobic effect and intensifies exchange processes of an organism.

Remedy for many diseases

As the remedy of a mummy is known to mankind more than 2500. The first mentions of a mummy can be met in Aristotle's works. And the widest circulation it пoлучилo in India.

In transfer with Greek the mummy means «keeping body». This smolopodobny substance of brown or black colour. It is allocated from crevices of mountain rocks and it is formed under the influence of various natural factors.

Represents a unique complex of biologically active substances both macro - and microcells (copper, zinc, cobalt, manganese, etc.). Its structure includes a complex of organic and mineral substances: zoomelanoedinovy, humic, fulvo-and amino acids, терпеноиды, steroids, vitamins of groups B and P, polyphenolic connections.

Extract mummies in the high-mountainous regions of Tibet, the Himalayas, Central Asia and Altai. Today it with success apply in medicine not only as preventive, but also as a remedy to immunity increase at serious infectious diseases, chronic inflammatory processes. It is caused by its ability нормализовывать exchange processes in the damaged bodies, fabrics and organism systems. In particular - to accelerate processes of regeneration of a bone fabric and merging of fractures of bones.

What to choose?

Unfortunately, if you get mummies not in a drugstore, and from hands, the probability to buy a fake is great. To distinguish a natural product from a forgery, take it in hands and attentively examine. On taste of a mummy should taste bitter a little. If to throw it into fire, it publishes a characteristic sound "boom boom" and образовывает a vertical flame. If to place a mummy slice in water, it will not drown. And at a razminaniye mummy fingers surely should become is softer and exude the specific smell reminding a smell of oil.

In the nature, except the most known Altay mountain, there are 30 versions of a mummy. All of them differ on the origin and efficiency. Here most often meeting versions of a mummy used in nonconventional medicine:

  • Cadaveric mummy. It is formed at mummification or slow decomposition of corpses of animals and insects.
  • Lichen mummy. It is a product of activity of lichens and other lowest plants.
  • Archovoye of a mummy. It is allocated from a trunk and roots archovy (pines, fir-trees), it is transferred by water to the soil where mixes up with elements of the soil and forms accumulate in crevices of rocks.
  • Bitumen mummy. Collects as a result of anaerobny decomposition of the lost plants, but differs from oil that does not contain some flying hydrocarbons since it is formed close from a soil surface.
  • Ekskrementnoye of a mummy. These are the hardened excrement of small animals, mostly, rodents and bats.
  • Honey and wax mummy. Represents a product of activity of the wild bees, altered as a result of long lying.

Find for women

Recently there was a large number of cosmetology production with mummy addition. It is connected with its unique ability to slow down ageing processes, thanks to a part of a mummy of a version of mica.

Cosmeticians recommend to apply compresses to restoration of normal elasticity of skin and removal of wrinkles on the face from a mummy: 0,5-0,75 gmumy to mix с50 golivkovy (or the kindled animal) oils and to put on previously cleared skin in the form of a compress for 15-20 minutes once a day, 3 times a week.

If at you hair drop out, 1 % mummy solution (1 гна 100 ml of water) will help. Mix it with the same amount of infusion of a burdock and mint, then make 1столовую a spoon of a mix 1 glass of boiled water and rub in head skin once a day for a month.

And in order that your smile always was charming, teeth strong, and gums - healthy, apply applications from 5 % of solution of a mummy (5 гна 100 ml of water), at the same time accepting it in inside по0,2 г2 once a day within 10 days.

It is important for knowing. Despite the unique properties, mummies is not medicine. This is BUD possessing adaptagenny properties. Preparations into which the mummy enters, the attending physician can appoint only.
It is contraindicated to the Mummy: to persons at whom hypersensibility to its components has been noted; to women during pregnancy and feeding by a breast; to children who have not reached twelve years age; onkobolny as a mummy - a powerful biostimulator and its impact on growth and distribution of cancer cages by a science it is not studied yet up to the end.
And if you accept mummies inside in tablets (or in other look), it is best of all to wash down it it with milk with water with honey addition. And not to combine at all a course of therapy of a mummy with alcohol even if it is a part some medicines (drops, tinctures, balms and so forth)

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