LitoterapiyaLitoterapiya is one more of types of the nonconventional medicine, connected with use in the medical purposes of various stones and minerals. Such type of influence call also physical manifestation of magic, and in the way to feel space energy, and the concept is translated from Greek as «treatment by a stone» (lithos - a stone; terapia - treatment).
Ancient doctors and alchemists sacredly believed in curative properties of jewels and crystals. In addition, they, for example, considered that directly in a brain the toad has a miracle white mineral which (if it to take at once after death of the carrier), will be antidote from any poison. There was a legend about безоаре, a jewel, according to legends being in heart of the Arabian deer and capable to cure of plague. This grayish-greenish "cocoon" from the felted hair and fibres of plants can be found in stomachs (or intestines) ruminants, and also horses, cats, is more rare than pigs and dogs, sometimes even the person. From an antiquity безоару attributed properties to rescue the owner from poisons, his force in fight against arsenical poisonings was especially great. Precious it was considered because of the curative properties. The most effective, and therefore also the goods from East India were considered as the most expensive. There is a legend that boyars Miloslavsky, being afraid for life of young tsar Feodor Alekseevich, have ordered to it a silver cup with bezoary though this means and has not helped the tsarevitch. Since the XIX century this "mineral" have ceased to equate to the drugs, however some modern researches have confirmed ability of a stone actively to absorb compounds of arsenic.
Certainly, today литотерапевты do not try to take any more from toads stones though the area of their activity still has no accurate scientific justifications. Supporters of this direction are sure that each mineral has certain properties of impact on one or several parties of a sincere or physical condition of a human body. Litoterapiya means mainly not chemical, but power (psychotherapeutic, information) impact of a stone on our personality. The modern mineralogy, according to experts in work with crystals, can describe only physical and chemical components of object, but is not capable go further, as sacral properties of stones under a microscope are not visible and any other equipment and every possible devices here are powerless.
Litoterapiya includes:
• Mineraloterapiya (massage by cold and hot stones),
• A kristalloterapiya (the direction about medical impact on the person of vibrations of crystals - firm bodies with a symmetric arrangement of atoms in a lattice),
• metaltherapy (a treatment method by means of applying to a body of plates of various metals),
• haemo therapy (treatment by blood: transfusion, plasma, in eritrotsitarny, leykotsitarny and trombotsitny weight),
• A stounterapiya (treatment by special warm stones for deep saturation of an organism by heat),
• treatment глинами,
• impact by stones on charkas,
• massage by crystals and Druzes (group of free crystals, the narosshy one end (a side or an edge) on walls of cracks or emptiness (geode) in rocks),
• astromineralogy (a science about power interaction of the person with minerals and metals).
The simplest way of treatment by stones - to carry jewelry, amulets or обереги with those precious minerals which are capable to solve your problem. As a matter of fact, it also is the first stage of therapy: it is necessary to choose a stone which optimum is suitable for treatment of a concrete illness. For example, affirms that амазонит releases from uneasiness, clears all organism of slags, removes feeling of uncertainty in and gives to the owner feeling of optimism. To women this stone helps to keep more long appeal as well affects a condition of hair and skin. Massage by rhodonite, charoity, pink quartz well helps at functional violations of nervous system, migraine, vegeto-vascular dystonia. Influence by malachite, a coil, onyx, a jasper are recommended at sensitive, impellent and trophic violations, at pains of neurogenetic character in heart, intercostal neuralgia and even for growing thin. To rejuvenate an organism it is possible by means of the nephrite called by a stone of eternity. Its touch brings calm, takes off fatigue and, apparently, prolongs life.

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