Apple vinegar: tasty and curativeApple vinegar it is possible and it is necessary to use everywhere where apply usual vinegar: for filling of salads, in sauces to a potato, meat and fish. In it it is good to soak meat for shish kebabs. And still it helps at the most various diseases. But under one condition: in everything it is necessary to know when to stop.

Not all vinegar is useful

Vinegar happens natural and synthetic. The synthetic vinegar received by cultivation of concentrated synthetic acetic acid, has no aromatic properties and possesses sharp irritating action on mucous membranes of the person.

Natural vinegar can be different types, depending on raw materials from which it make. So, for the fruit use fruit raw materials, for wine - grape wine materials, for spirit flavoured - spices and extracts of plants (such as a thyme, a basil, etc.), for balsam - the same grape wine materials, but by means of long keeping in barrels from different breeds of trees, and for syvorotochny - whey.

Apple vinegar is a product of acetic fermentation of apple juice. It has been open by mistake: it have received instead of wine, having overdone more usual apple сидр. On the chemical composition and properties apple vinegar strongly differs from others. In it there are a lot of valuable mineral substances (especially the potassium necessary for normalisation of nervous system) and organic acids: acetic, apple, lemon, shchavelevo-acetum and others.

In Ancient Egypt women used it for care of skin and achieved smoothing of wrinkles rapidly. In Russia with its help Slavs preserved supplies for the winter and processed wounds. And during Patriotic war of 1812 apple vinegar successfully used in medicine in quality antiseptics: for fight against louses at soldiers.

It is proved that apple vinegar reduces appetite, stimulates a metabolism and promotes splitting of fats and carbohydrates. And here concerning safety of diets on the basis of apple vinegar scientists still have not come to a consensus. Therefore to drink it glasses in a pursuit of a slim figure precisely it is not necessary.

We prepare house vinegar

Any hostess knows: if there is a possibility independently to prepare any product, it surely will turn out is more tasty and it is safer than the analogue which can be bought in shop. It concerns also some apple vinegar.

For a start rub apples (it is desirable sour) on a large grater. An apple kashitsa put in a glass jar and dissolve with warm boiled water (на800 гкашицы1 литрводы). On each litre of water add по100 гсахара or honey, and for fermentation acceleration - по10 gdrozhzhy (или20 gsukhary of rye bread). The first 10 days store a vessel opened at temperature 20-30 °, mixing a kashitsa 2-3 times a day a wooden spoon. Then shift weight in a gauze sack and wring out juice. Filter juice through a gauze and pour in a vessel with a wide throat. (At will на1 литрсока it is possible to add 50-100 гмеда). Close to bank a gauze and put in a warm place that fermentation proceeded 40-60 more days. Then carefully filter vinegar, pour on bottles and densely close them jams (better to cork with wax). To store vinegar it is necessary in the refrigerator at temperature 6-8 °.

Pay attention: Apple vinegar is contraindicated at stomach ulcer of a stomach and a 12-perstny gut, sharp gastritis, гастродуодените, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, enteritis, colitis and the increased sekretorny activity of a stomach with the high content of hydrochloric acid, and also outwardly at becoming wet ulcers.

Recipes of traditional medicine

The known naturopath, doctor D. S. Jarvis, all life devoted to studying of folk remedies, gave particular attention to apple vinegar. He has come to a conclusion that "the wrong wine" well affects a human body and has suggested to use it as an additional tool at treatment of many diseases.

  • So, at chronic fatigue it is necessary to drink daily, on an empty stomach, in the morning 1 tablespoon of apple vinegar, previously having mixed it with solution from 1 teaspoon of honey and having dissolved in a glass of water of room temperature.
  • At nervous breakdown and chronic sleeplessness it is useful to drink for the night a water glass with addition of 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar and 1 teaspoon of honey.
  • At varicose expansion of veins pound feet the apple vinegar which has been slightly dissolved with boiled water, in the morning and in the evening within 1 month.
  • At a hypertensive illness and constant headaches appoint 2 teaspoons of apple vinegar in a glass of spring water. Or inhalations by acetic pairs: vinegar, half to dissolve with water, to breathe 5-7 minutes once a day.
  • At quinsy is shown to rinse a throat apple vinegar (1 teaspoon on a water glass) 5-6 times a day.
  • For treatment of skin diseases of skin, such as cutting deprive, not dissolved apple vinegar is applied. It is necessary to grease the struck places with it 6-8 times a day. Plan of treatment - 10 days.
  • And to get rid of joint pains at arthritises and gout, it is recommended to drink during food vinegar with water (5 teaspoons on a water glass) within 15-20 days.

Pay attention: After acceptance of solution of apple vinegar inside it is necessary to rinse a mouth water since any vinegar damages enamel of teeth.

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