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Zalmanovs curative bathsThe name of doctor Alexander Zalmanov became widely known at us only at the end of the XX century when in drugstores there were skipidarny emulsions invented by it for baths. In due time he even was Lenin's personal doctor. And modern scientists are declined to that the way to extension of term of human life should be looked for in Zalmanov's works …

Magic power of a pine

A.Zalmanov has made discovery that the main reason of diseases and an Continue reading

LitoterapiyaLitoterapiya is one more of types of the nonconventional medicine, connected with use in the medical purposes of various stones and minerals. Such type of influence call also physical manifestation of magic, and in the way to feel space energy, and the concept is translated from Greek as «treatment by a stone» (lithos - a stone; terapia - treatment).
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Apple vinegar: tasty and curativeApple vinegar it is possible and it is necessary to use everywhere where apply usual vinegar: for filling of salads, in sauces to a potato, meat and fish. In it it is good to soak meat for shish kebabs. And still it helps at the most various diseases. But under one condition: in everything it is necessary to know when to stop.

Not all vinegar is useful

Vinegar happens natural and synthetic. The synthetic vinegar received by cultivation of Continue reading

What is the sou-dzhok

Recently the increasing popularity in our country is won by east nonconventional medicine. In particular, one of its directions - a sou-dzhok semyanoterapiya. In China, India and Korea it was positioned as available to self-improvement everyone method. As "drugs" this method suggests to use … seeds of plants. And at the heart of its philosophy idea of a human body as whole with the nature lies.

Historical background

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Mummy – medicine by natureStill great ancient doctor Avicenna in «A canon of a medical science» wrote: «A mummy - mountain wax - fine remedy for diseases at dislocation and a change, from falling and blow, at the general paralysis of a facial nerve». Modern scientific researches have proved his case: the mummy possesses biostimulating properties, has antimicrobic effect and intensifies exchange processes of an organism.

Remedy for many diseases

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is useful

Than the bathRemember, in the known film "Twist Of Fate or Happy Bathing!" all long could not understand: why the person goes to a bath if at his place there is a bath? It appears, in a bath it is possible not only to be washed up and communicate to friends, but also … to treat many diseases.

It is a little history

In pre-revolutionary Russia in a bath treated more often than in hospitals, after all them was a little, and they far Continue reading

SyromonoyedeniyeSyromonoyedeniye is a power supply system which means an exception of own diet of any food which was exposed to thermal processing (to frying, cooking, roasting or smoking). The main thing ruled adherents of a monotrofny syroyedeniye - a food by exclusively "live" vegetative food which has not been mixed in a preparation time and consumption, that is reception only one concrete product (fruit, vegetable, a plant) for once. Under a ban Continue reading