Interesting medical factsAs well as in any other sphere of activity, it is possible to find a set of things which will be interesting not only to a narrow circle of experts, but also wide audience in medicine. Unusual cases, the amusing stories intriguing figures, rare pathologies, unique operations belong to such attributes and many other things, for example. We suggest also to you to get acquainted with several entertaining medical facts.
1. The most high temperature of a body has been fixed on July 10, 1980 at 52-year-old Uilli Jones who has received a heatstroke. It has arrived in "Greydi Memorial's" hospital in Atlanta, the State of Georgia, the USA where the record has been fixed: body temperature in 46,5°С. The patient has been discharged from hospital only in 24 days. There is also mirror "achievement": On February 23 1994 at the 2-year-old Canadian girl who has spent 6 hours on a frost, the lowest has been fixed in the world body temperature of 14,2 °C.
2. Many known drugs initially were considered as medicine. For example, heroin has been removed on the market in 1898 by the German company Bayer AG as remedy for children's cough and has held on in such status of the whole 15 years. Siegmund Freud "has personally checked" on itself properties of cocaine and has started to propagandise it as medicine for everything: from a depression, sexual frustration, syphilis and alcoholism. In 1880 cocaine freely was on sale for fight against cold, neuralgia, a headache and sleeplessness. Funny, but approximately at the same time Coca-Cola used as remedy for pain in a stomach.
3. 2533 foreign matters, including 947 safety pins, were revealed in June, 1927 in a stomach of the 42-year-old woman suffering from persuasive swallowing subjects. She complained only of weak belly-ache. Even before a case, on March 30, 1895 in one of hospitals of Great Britain of a body of the person the heaviest subject which ever was removed from a stomach has been taken. The hair lump is powerful 2,35 kg. was in a stomach of the 20-year-old girl which also suffered persuasive swallowing.
4. In English about positive result of dough for pregnancy speak «a rabbit (the rabbit died) as the first such tests have really been connected with murder of fluffy small animals has died». The way of determination of pregnancy on existence in urine of a hormone of a horionichesky gonadotrophin has been invented in 1927, but then were not able to investigate properties of an urine yet. The received urine entered to females of rabbits, mice and frogs then killed them and by change of yaichnik of "victim" determined, whether there is a woman in the near future a mother or not.
5. 74-year-old Australian James Harrison for the life has handed over blood of nearly 1000 times. Antibodies in its rare blood type help to survive the newborn with a heavy form of anaemia. In total thanks to Harrison's donorship, by approximate calculations, it was possible to rescue more than 2 million babies.
6. 1080 litres of donor blood have been poured to Warren suffering hemophilia to Dzhirich during heart operation in one of the Chicago clinics in 1970. These are nearly 15 full baths.
7. The disease most widespread in the world is tooth caries, in some regions of the world it has struck 100 % of the population. It is counted up that in Great Britain of 13 % of inhabitants lose the teeth aged till 21 year. And here the most rare illness in the world is called "chicken" or «a humorous illness». One new Guinean tribe is subject to it only, and the incubatory period makes till 30 years. However each new case leads to a lethal outcome. The word "chicken" in tribe language to odds has two values - "shiver" and "damage". The illness through a ritual cannibalism extended.
8. Carrier pigeons are not used today for delivery of letters, however successfully cope with other tasks. For example, in the remote regions of England and France birds deliver in hospitals of test of blood. And narcobusinessmen start the whole flights of pigeons for heroin delivery from Afghanistan to Pakistan.
9. Spell "abracadabra" (lat. abracadabra) has been mentioned for the first time in works Serena Sammonika which lived in the 2nd eyelid AD and was the doctor of the Roman emperor Septimy Severa (according to other data: Karakalla). According to records, this word it was possible to cure hay fever. The spell should be written down on an amulet in a column of 11 times, each time taking away the last letter that the triangle (the basis up has turned out). Such record should weaken gradually force of an evil ghost and promote recovery of the patient.
10. Statistically, on Mondays there are for 25 % more injuries of a back and for 33 % more heart attacks. This day all of us should be especially careful.

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