10 most mysterious diseasesDespite achievements of modern medicine there is a large quantity of diseases and the syndromes which origin continues to nonplus doctors. We represent to your attention of 10 most unusual and mysterious diseases and syndromes below.

Morgellon's 10 Syndrome

This mysterious disease has appeared quite recently. The people having this disease, complain of an itch, a pokalyvaniye and burning, on skin they have ulcers from which unclear fibres and threads can "be allocated". Some doctors carry this illness to mental disorders with hallucinations, but others argue that its symptoms very much even are real. Having carried out careful research, scientists from the Center for control of incidence (TsKZ) of the USA have found out that the reason of a mysterious illness of Morgellon is not neither an infection, nor parasites, influence of components of environment.

Stendhal's 9 Syndrome

One more unusual disease at which the person tests strong excitement, a shiver, dizziness and even hallucinations, having got to a place where a large number of objects of art is exposed. Likely, the most dangerous place for suffering from this disease - gallery of Uffitsi in Florence. On an example of indispositions of the tourists visiting this museum, the syndrome also has been described. And for the first time Stendhal has told about disturbing symptoms in the book «Naples and Florence: travel from Milan in Redzhio»

8 Allergy to water

As the human body for 80 % consists of water, possibility of emergence of an allergy to water seems extremely strange. Allergic persons, of course, can drink it, however at the moment of contact of water to an integument, for example, not so long reception of a bath or a shower, their skin becomes covered by red spots and the itch begins. Physicians have christened this condition the akvagenny small tortoiseshell and have in detail described in 1964, however cannot explain still. probably, the reason of development it is a type of an allergy the cytotoxic answer of skin to contact to water or supersensitivity to water ions is.

7 Schizophrenia

The term "schizophrenia" entered by the Swiss doctor Ervin Bleyler, means "mind splittings" that points to absence at patients of ability to complete perception of the world.

According to classics of the psychiatry sick with schizophrenia reminds an orchestra without the conductor. For what reasons "conductor" leaves the panel, the science up to the end not knows. One is not subject to doubt - the important role in development of an illness is played by a hereditary factor.

Sometimes say that scientists have opened a schizophrenia gene. The whole group of genes actually works. And quite recently the American scientists from University of Illinois managed to find out that the main breakage in a brain of patients with schizophrenia is insufficient production of special protein рилина. It appears that its shortcoming breaks migration and development of new cages in a brain.

6 Syndrome of emergence of a foreign accent

This extremely unusual occurrence. The most known case is described in 1941: to year the Norwegian woman at bombardment has got a craniocereberal trauma then began to speak... with accurately expressed German accent. The unfortunate woman was exposed to the strongest persecutions from anti-fascists. Physicians could not explain the nature of this phenomenon. Some more cases when after an injury of the head or a stroke people start to speak with any accent are known. Why so occurs, while it is not known.

5 Allotriofagys

People with Allotriofagy's diagnosis are inclined to eat inedible subjects and substances. Among them there can be a dirt, paper, glue … Though it is accepted to connect these desires with a lack of certain substances of an organism, doctors could not find the concrete reason of emergence and ways of treatment of frustration.

4 Endometriosis

One of the most mysterious diseases still has endometriosis. The illness essence that for the unknown reasons slices of an internal cover of a uterus begin метастазировать - and to travel on an organism. This illness good-quality, but leads a metastazirovaniye of an internal cover of a uterus to that slices of this fabric can lodge in an abdominal cavity, eyes can get to a chest cavity and even on mucous. Then once a month, while at the woman the periods begin, these metastazirovavshy slices an endometriya will bleed. In medical literature even the situation when once a month the woman cried bloody tears is described.

3 Syndrome of continuous sexual excitement

The women suffering from it, in literal sense constantly test an orgasm. For this purpose rather slightest stimulation, for example, hummocks on the road over which the car has run. Moreover, orgasms can come and without any stimulation. This syndrome has been open in 2001, and for the present very few women have received this diagnosis. Doctors assume that in practice it is much more such sufferers - simply hesitate to admit. The reason of this wearisome condition is unknown.

2 Syndrome of Fatal Family Sleeplessness

This rare incurable hereditary disease, is known only 40 families subject to it. The person hardly sleeps ever less, gets tired more, has hallucinations and headaches and in some years dies of overfatigue.

At fatal family insomnia is surprised таламус - the department of a brain which is responsible for a dream. таламус is a communicator of communications between a bark of hemispheres and a body passing signals in both directions in necessary zones of a bark or a part of a body. It is considered that at a zasypaniye efficiency of carrying out impulses through таламус decreases. At family fatal insomnia there is a violation of this function.

The illness begins at the age from 30 till 60 years, on the average in 50, proceeds from 7 to 36 months then the patient dies. The disease relatively recently, in 1986 is described.

1 Progery (presenilation syndrome)

This extremely rare genetic disease accelerating process of ageing approximately at 8-10 time. In other words, the child in one year grows old for 10-15 years. Children suffering from a progeriya, look normal within 6-12 months after the birth. After that they develop symptoms, characteristic for old age: wrinkled skin, baldness, fragility of bones and atherosclerosis. The eight-year child looks for 80 years - with the dry wrinkled skin, the grown bald head...

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