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Interesting medical factsAs well as in any other sphere of activity, it is possible to find a set of things which will be interesting not only to a narrow circle of experts, but also wide audience in medicine. Unusual cases, the amusing stories intriguing figures, rare pathologies, unique operations belong to such attributes and many other things, for example. We suggest also to you to get acquainted with several entertaining medical facts.
1. The most high temperature Continue reading

10 most mysterious diseasesDespite achievements of modern medicine there is a large quantity of diseases and the syndromes which origin continues to nonplus doctors. We represent to your attention of 10 most unusual and mysterious diseases and syndromes below.

Morgellon's 10 Syndrome

This mysterious disease has appeared quite recently. The people having this disease, complain of an itch, a pokalyvaniye and burning, on skin they have ulcers from which unclear fibres Continue reading

Influence of music on our organismSince the birth all healthy people are born musicians. To find musically exceptional child, - it is enough to look at any kid. How he starts to understand and say the first words, it has distinct reactions to music. Parents instinctively prefer to communicate with the children by means of melodies.

Experiences show that babies reveal distinctions between two relatives on sounding by tones not worse than adults. Besides, kids notice changes as Continue reading