Treatment of laryngitis, pharyngitis, quinsy and other sore throatWhen we have met on the Internet of the recommendation about treatment a sore throat saying: «learn to involve an urine through a nose and to spit out through a mouth, and in case of an exacerbation of an illness procedure carry out each 2 hours. Dig in an urine in each nostril till 10-15 a thaw then lie 5-10 minutes that it has got into all channels of a nasopharynx through passage», have instantly understood - time has come to tell you, how to cure a throat.

The sore throat not always becomes a problem, after all more often it accompanies catarrhal diseases and passes in some days thanks to complex therapy of an illness. However there are cases, when feeling of discomfort - a sign of more serious violations of an organism. In this regard, we will give a little attention to pathological processes in a throat which in case of absence of due treatment can become chronic.

Tracheitis. This inflammation of a mucous membrane of a trachea which often arises against strong cold or ORVI. The sharp form easily flows in chronic at the inattentive relation to treatment, existence of developments of stagnation in respiratory ways because of emphysema, heart troubles and kidneys. In group of risk also the persons, abusing smoking and alcohol. Sometimes as the starting mechanism of synchronisation inflammatory diseases of a cavity of a nose and okolonosovy bosoms act. Tracheitis symptoms: a burning sore throat and dry painful cough caused by it which amplifies at night. Breath becomes superficial, after all the patient is afraid to provoke a fit of coughing.

  • How to cure a throat at tracheitis. To the patient appoint mustard plasters to a thorax, at symptoms of intoxication or process distribution on underlaying departments of respiratory ways - sulfanilamidny preparations and antibiotics, including in the form of aerosols, at painful cough - a codeine, либексин, at the complicated otkhozhdeniye of a phlegm - otkharkivayushchy means (a grass термопсиса, a root алтея, solodka), alkaline inhalations.

Pharyngitis. This inflammation of a back wall of a throat. It is one of ORVI manifestations, that is has a virus origin. Sometimes pharyngitis can be caused and bacteria - more often it happens a streptococcus which causes quinsy. The illness is dangerous the complications among which the most terrible are rheumatic defeats of joints and heart, otitis and pneumonia. Symptoms: dryness in a throat, a persheniye, feeling of a foreign matter in a drink, pain when swallowing (usually pain is stronger at so-called «an empty drink», when you сглатываете a saliva), the general weakness and small temperature increase of a body.

  • How to cure a throat at pharyngitis. In case of bacterial pharyngitis to a course there are antibiotics (including mestno: throat rinsing, irrigation of almonds and back wall of a throat aerosols, physiotherapeutic methods). The mucous membrane of a throat is greased quite often by 1-2 % with solution of nitrate of silver (lyapisy). Rinsings by alkaline and disinfectant solutions, broths of medicinal herbs (a camomile, a sage), solution фурацилина, обильноё warm drink, a diet (unirritating a throat soft food) are appointed. Refusal of smoking is necessary for effective treatment.

Laryngitis. The inflammation of a throat connected, as a rule, or with a catarrhal disease, or with such infections as measles, scarlet fever or whooping cough. Development of an illness is promoted by overcooling, breath through a mouth, dusty air, an overstrain of vocal chords. Laryngitis, generally is shown by change of a timbre of a voice (disfoniya), up to its complete loss (aphonia), and also the increased body temperature, a headache, "sadneniye", dryness and a persheniye in a throat, cough. Contributing factors - smoking, alcohol intake.

  • Laryngitis treatment. «A voice mode», that is absolute rest of a throat within 5-7 days (it is necessary to be silent or talk in a whisper), a sparing diet, an exception of food of substances irritating a mucous membrane, and also all excessively cold and hot. Warm drink (milk, borzhy), warmly on a neck (a bandage, a compress), inhalations. To the patient forbid to smoke, take alcoholic drinks. As a leeniye of laryngitis throat rinsings by camomile or sage broth are useful. From medicamentous preparations appoint a codeine, an ipecacuanha. Apply also physiotherapeutic methods: соллюкс on a forward surface of a neck, ultra-violet radiation, электрофорез новокаина on area of a throat, UVCh and microwave therapy.

Quinsy. This acute general infectious disease with primary defeat of palatal almonds. It begins unexpectedly and sharply: the temperature sharply raises, there is a fever and the general weakness, lymph nodes increase and become painful. Weight of quinsy depends on what form of an illness has got to you. Catarrhal, for example, proceeds quite easily, and lakunarny or follicular it is capable to put completely you out of action. Most often causative agents of an infection are стафилококк, the streptococcus and a pneumococcus. Along with an acute inflammation of a throat its chronic form is observed also. She is called by long irritation of a mucous membrane a dust, smoking, alcohol, increase in almonds or continuous breath through a mouth (for example, because of a curvature of a nasal partition, at a chronic inflammation of additional bosoms of a nose).

  • How to treat quinsy. Even before visit to the doctor it is necessary to start hourly rinsing of a throat. It is for this purpose best of all to use not medicines, and weak warm solution of salt. This action will be useful and at later stages of quinsy, but the doctor, as a rule, appoints rinsings by antibacterial means (for example, solution фурациллина, риваноля or элюдрила). Do not forget about numerous preparations for a sosaniye (фалиминт, фарингосепт, стрепсилс, tablets or pastilka with menthol) and aerosols for a throat irrigation (ингалипт, элюдрил, гексорал). As to analgetics, the preparation type, a dosage and a method of its application are defined only by the attending physician.

So, proceeding from the listed hard cases, you already have for certain guessed what measures should be accepted to cure a throat in one day (or at least as soon as possible) and at a slight cold. Let's repeat still time:

  • Refusal of smoking and alcohol intake (for the sake of health of a throat it is possible to try)
  • Rinsing by broths of medicinal herbs, for example, sage or camomile. 1 tablespoon of a flower of a camomile fill in with two glasses of hot water. Boil 10-15 minutes on a water bath, cool. Carry out rinsings often and regularly.
  • Throat rinsing by solution фурациллина.
  • To unload vocal chords, not to shout, speak silently or in a whisper.
  • To keep a throat in the warm, to postpone walks, especially if behind a window winter.
  • Salt solution can help. On one glass of warm water the salt tablespoon is required. To stir it and to rinse a throat some minutes. To repeat procedure several times, with an interval 30 minutes.
  • To apply the preparations containing iodine, it is not recommended, as they can cause local burns and strengthen inflammatory process.
  • Not to forget about sosatelny tablets and aerosols for a throat irrigation. Sugar candies are best of all for sucking slowly and to keep under language, to reduce
    irritation of a stomach, and aerosols to apply only if the illness has already cleared up - at early stages sprays only irritate mucous walls of a throat and cause a superfluous inflammation.

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