How to cure herpesThe majority of people are carriers of a virus of herpes though far not at all it passes to an active phase. This disease is widely known thanks to the colourful external manifestations: to vysypaniye of watery vials on mucous membranes and skin. The inflamed sites not only itch and hurt, but also deliver a great deal of trouble, without giving possibility is high-grade to communicate with people around. Let's try to understand that it for a virus and as it is possible to overcome it.

So, at the person 6 types of viruses of herpes more often meet:

  1. VPG (virus of simple herpes) 1 type - it is at the bottom of emergence of painful vials on lips.
  2. VPG 2 types - in most cases causes genitalny vysypaniye (skin defeat in genitals and an anus, and as a specific inflammation of a neck of a uterus and appendages of a uterus which is not treated by antibiotics).
  3. VGCh 3 types, a zoster or a virus of chicken pox is an activator of the known nursery of an illness of chicken pox and shingles (herpes zoster).
  4. The virus Epstein-Barre, type 4 VGCh - causes such disease as infectious мононуклеоз.
  5. Cytomegalovirus (TsMV) or VGCh 5 - the causative agent of a tsitomegalovirusny infection.
  6. Type 6 VGCh - causes sudden ekzanty in children and malignant «a syndrome of chronic fatigue» at adults

There are also 7 and 8th types of a virus, but their value at present up to the end is not clear. Believe that they are also involved in development of a syndrome of chronic fatigue and emergence of sudden rash. Some experts go much further and put forward hypotheses about communication of these types of an illness with schizophrenia emergence.

Whether it is possible to cure herpes? All viruses of herpes have property latentno to be in a human body the long periods of time. After primary infection, the virus is forever built in a genome of a cage owner and already will be never expelled" from there by immune system. To remove the harmful agent from an organism it is impossible. In other words, it is impossible to recover completely from herpes, the biggest success which you can reach - long remission. However presence of an infection is absolutely imperceptible for the person until it does not start to spoil to it life the unexpected invasion therefore lack of clinical symptoms is not so small victory as could seem. Now we will talk directly how to cope with vysypaniye of vials on mucous membranes and skin.

Anti-virus preparations reduce frequency, duration and weight of recurrence.
Analgetics (an ibuprofen, paracetamol) reduce pain and fever.
Zinc ointments when drawing on integuments possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and drying action, interfering with penetration of a virus and accelerating healing of ulcers.
Local анестетики (прилокаин, lidocaine, бензокаин or тетракаин) the itch and painful feelings remove.

Acyclovir - an antiviral preparation, especially effective concerning viruses of simple herpes, including perfectly proved as medicine for obverse herpes (that "cold" on lips). The preparation was developed the American pharmacologist by Gertrude Elayon who has got in 1988 the Nobel premium on physiology and medicine for the researches. The acyclovir affects synthesis of virus DNA, without giving it possibility to be reproduced. This means is recommended for herpes treatment by many doctors, and it really works (unlike a number of widely advertised expensive ointments). The acyclovir has a large number дженериков, means are most known: валацикловир, фамцикловир, пенцикловир, докосанол. These preparations are resolved to sale without the recipe of the doctor and at local application are effective in fight against "cold" on lips. Pledge of successful treatment - ointment use at the earliest stages of development of an illness (when you have only just felt unpleasant feelings and a pokalyvaniye on lips).

Alternative resolvents. Here it is necessary to carry aloe extract belief, propolis, preparations эхинацеи. Much to liking use of natural oils of a tea tree, a bergamot, an eucalyptus and a lavender which can be applied both at the very beginning of a disease, and at visible defeats of skin. However all transferred funds operates only indirectly, they possess all-strengthening and anti-inflammatory properties. We urge you to show consideration very much for frequent recommendations on the Internet to grease vysypaniye with Korvalol or paper ashes (the received way of burning of a paper cone), and also to put to lips ice cubes from the frozen coffee. Efficiency of these ways far is not proved, and to do much harm to itself it is possible very easily.
Remember: the reason of transition of a virus of herpes "sleeping" in an organism in an active condition with vials and an itch is an easing of immunity, a stress and overfatigue. Therefore, if want to win herpes, direct the energies not only to eradication of its external manifestations, but also for work with the primary source of their emergence.

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