Antritis treatment in house conditions: simple councilsAntritis - an inflammation of a maxillary (gaymorovy) additional bosom of a nose. It arises as complication at sharp cold, flu, measles, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases. However in rare instances this problem can become a consequence of diseases of teeth (the top jaw) or inept actions of the stomatologist during a plombirovka of their roots or carrying out other therapeutic procedures. This version of a disease carries the name of odontogenny antritis.

DANGEROUSLY!« To rub with garlic skin over a sore point and then half an hour to rub juice from a burdock root mixed with birch coal», is real «the national recipe» antritis treatments. And if here guards only need half an hour to rub coal «over a sore point» (after all гайморовы bosoms settle down on each side a nose, over the top jaw, and above them unless,), that is in «the grandmother's first-aid kit» and methods it is more terrible than an eye, the real heavy artillery. In a kachstvo of a remedy for antritis in house conditions it is offered, for example, «to take in equal parts medical, milk, butter, vodka and a laundry soap (dark, grated). All components to mix and warm up on a water bath before dissolution». You have already guessed what to do with soap and vodka broth farther? Truly - to moisten wadded tampons and to insert into a nose for 15 minutes. You feel strong burning, and after inevitably will start to sneeze with plentiful vydeleniye, but we and achieved that! For the finally despaired there is a last resort - without stinting to dig in in a nose a mix of juice of an aloe and honey, and, splyovyvy it, it is obligatory to sentence:« There are no thoughts of others how to correct the dy». Still it is possible to ask somebody from relatives to dream up that red fire proceeds from a tip of his forefinger. Slightly open a mouth and let your "doctor" burns out an illness a narrow beam from the finger, and the illness will take off from a mouth in the form of a red-black smoke. Only 3-9 sessions will put you on feet! Has not helped? It everything because at the relative chosen by you too weak power, ask someone another … And now it is serious: it is difficult to find an illness which people so desperately try to cure in house conditions, without addressing to the doctor, as antritis. Tens ways of fight against an illness are thought up, one is more interesting than another, but the majority of them are simply hazardous to health. The wrong treatment of antritis very easily can lead to serious complications and inflammation distribution on a brain. Do not resort to such shifts. For an example we give a fragment of the story of one of patients оториноларинголога, since the childhood suffering from antritis: «The C autumns till spring I went with cold. Mother treated folk remedies from which there was more harm, than advantage. So, it dug in to me in a nose vegetable oil with garlic, and I have almost lost sense of smell. Then to me dug in kalanchoe juice, and I began nasal bleeding». Do not allow similar mistakes.

Not to heat! To wash out a nose carefully. Our guest Andrey Ivanovich Kryukov - the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, the head of the Moscow scientific and practical centre of an otorinolaringologiya (the full version of interview here>) tells:« Frankly speaking, I would not recommend to patients to try to help myself with house conditions with treatment of such illness as antritis. If speech about a purulent (ekssudativny) form of sharp antritis which also arises more often (in comparison with an inflammation of other okolonosovy bosoms), in the presence of purulent exudate in the closed cavity can lead heat use to the most fatal and unforeseen consequences. The mucous membrane of a cavity of a nose is presented vibrating the epiteliy - eyelashes move with a certain rhythmics and frequency, on the regularities. Washing of a nose is a violent maintaining under the pressure of any stream of liquid in his cavity that for a while will paralyse activity an epiteliya. Here everything depends on and how often the patient it applies what volume of liquid. In principle, such actions can lead and to baldness vibrating an epiteliya. Such violation only will create additional problems at evacuation of purulent contents from okolonosovy bosoms. For this reason I do not recommend to self-medicate, especially, in the conditions of Moscow. The help of doctors is available, including in our centre».

How to cure antritis? Everything not so difficult, apparently, but needs to be remembered that with antritis of a joke are bad. Any inflammation which proceeds in such dangerous proximity to a brain - a source of continuous threat. To start a disease it is impossible, to be fond of antritis treatment in house conditions it is fraught with development of complications therefore it is necessary - to address the unique and most right way to the doctor. Also there is nothing to be afraid here, the puncture (after all from a puncture all avoid like the plague) is recognised long ago as an out-of-date form of therapy, and resort to it only in the most extreme cases. The majority of patients recovers without the appeal to this not palatable procedure. The first and main stage of treatment of antritis and others синуитов - pus evacuation from a bosom. Then it is necessary to wash out a bosom and a nose cavity antimicrobic and anti-inflammatory preparations (it is possible, it is required to take in parallel the medicine blocking growth of microbes). And, certainly, to support immunity, to prevent disease recurrence.

What therapeutic receptions of treatment of antritis are used more often:

  1. Vasoconstrictive means, drops
  2. The means irritating a mucous membrane and by that giving the chance to it to be released from exudate (approximately as in a case with a crude sponge which you squeeze out in a bathroom).
  3. Antibiotics. Their use has considerably reduced need for punctures in world practice.
  4. Cuckoo method. It is widely applied at easy forms of an inflammation of okolonosovy bosoms, it is quite easily transferred by patients of all age, including children. Equipment of performance: the patient lies on a couch on a back, the doctor asks it to say sounds "ku-ku-ku-ku" (the nasopharynx message with a rotoglotka is thus blocked). At this time there is a slow injection in one nostril of medicinal solution, to its simultaneous otsasyvaniye from another by means of the vacuum device. Thus, negative pressure promotes pus evacuation from bosoms, and medicinal solution, intensively moving through a nose cavity, washes out bosoms. They are cleared, and the inflammation recovers.
  5. Sine evacuation "YaMIK" catheter (vacuum yamik-procedures). The soft catheter consisting of two thin tubules is entered into a nose cavity through a nostril. One of them is connected to two small rubber ballonchik which, being inflated above and below soustiya of bosoms, block exits from a nose cavity in a throat and a nostril. The second tubule of a catheter is intended for introduction of medicinal solution and pus removal. The working part of the second tubule opens in the blocked part of a cavity of a nose. To its external termination the syringe filled with solution for washing fastens. By means of a syringe medicinal solution is forced in a nose cavity, and then, together with purulent contents of bosoms, sucked away. Procedure repeats to pure washing waters.
  6. The puncture is the extreme method which is using in case purulent contents already
    became too dense. Manipulations under serious local anaesthesia are carried out. Pus is removed through a special needle as a result of a puncture, the bosom is washed out and the medicinal substance of long action is entered into it.
  7. Microsurgeries on bosoms by means of the endoskopichesky optiko-fibre tools, having a small travmatichnost and high efficiency. Are required in case of existence of polyps and the cysts blocking ventilation of a nose.

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