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How to cure herpesThe majority of people are carriers of a virus of herpes though far not at all it passes to an active phase. This disease is widely known thanks to the colourful external manifestations: to vysypaniye of watery vials on mucous membranes and skin. The inflamed sites not only itch and hurt, but also deliver a great deal of trouble, without giving possibility is high-grade to communicate with people around. Let's try to understand that it for a virus Continue reading

Antritis treatment in house conditions: simple councilsAntritis - an inflammation of a maxillary (gaymorovy) additional bosom of a nose. It arises as complication at sharp cold, flu, measles, scarlet fever and other infectious diseases. However in rare instances this problem can become a consequence of diseases of teeth (the top jaw) or inept actions of the stomatologist during a plombirovka of their roots or carrying out other therapeutic procedures. This version of a disease carries the name of Continue reading

Treatment of laryngitis, pharyngitis, quinsy and other sore throatWhen we have met on the Internet of the recommendation about treatment a sore throat saying: «learn to involve an urine through a nose and to spit out through a mouth, and in case of an exacerbation of an illness procedure carry out each 2 hours. Dig in an urine in each nostril till 10-15 a thaw then lie 5-10 minutes that it has got into all channels of a nasopharynx through passage», have instantly understood - time has come to tell you, how to Continue reading

What it is necessary to know about hepatitis?If we ask ten first comers on the street that they know about the hepatitis, at the best every second will remember about Botkin's illness and yellow skler of eyes. And meanwhile this serious disease. And timely competent prevention by time can save life.

Emergence history

The first signs of «military jaundice» it was observed in English armies in Flanders in the XVIII century. Then epidemic of jaundice accompanied Napoleon's wars in Prussia Continue reading

Top of 5 plants against cold and fluFlu epidemics happen every year usually in a cold season and strike to 15 % of the population of the globe. Flu and ORVI make 95 % of all infectious diseases in the world. Annually in the world fall ill to 500 million people 2 million from which die. In Russia annually register from 27,3 to 41,2 million patients with flu and other ORVI.

The large quantity of biochemical medicines is developed for prevention and symptomatic treatment of these diseases, Continue reading