With the coming!Dear friends!

We congratulate you on coming New Year!

Let it will bring you good luck, health, and family wellbeing!

«Year has passed, as day yesterday's.

Over Moscow in this hour

Beat hours of the Kremlin tower

The salute - twelve times!»

Thank you that this year you were with us: asked interesting questions, participated in competitions, discussed the pleasant materials and did not remain indifferent to problems of domestic health care. We will do the utmost, that and next year with us it was interesting to you.

According to east calendar, the patron of 2012 is the Black Water Dragon. In the Chinese mythology this animal personifies wisdom, endurance and longevity. Therefore, if you have decided to start to lead a healthy lifestyle, year of the Dragon as any another, approaches for this purpose. And we surely will help you with it!

New Year's vacation happy by all and - to a meeting in New Year!

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