We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 4!Dear friends!

Today we bring the next results of competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 4:


1. A means of transport to which "jams" (underground) are not terrible

2. It can be lethal (outcome)

3. Actors (baize) like to poison it

4. The river nymph in Ancient Greek mythology (naiad)

5. The largest lizard from the island Komodo (monitor lizard)

6. A suitable material for tops of army boots (кирза)

7. The popular unit on the gold mines, working by a principle землесоса (drag)

8. From it there were Voland's arriving on ball the guests, in M. Bulgakov's novel «The master and Margarita» (fireplace)


1. Healthy food for the breakfasts, prepared from the crude or baked cereals with dried fruits (muesli)

3. The noble title which has come to us from Europe (baron)

5. It put under the head instead of a pillow (roller)

7. For it, according to Russian proverb, the law not писан (fool)

9. A cope for an icon (salary)

10. The part of crust located below a soil layer and a bottom of reservoirs, stretching to the depths available to geological studying and development (subsoil).

11. The cultivated flower, whose name in a translation from Latin is meant by "star" (aster)

12. Inert gas without colour, taste and a smell (argon)

Keyword: "Epicure"

We thank all active visitors of a site, with enthusiasm solved our crossword puzzle.
And here names of three lucky which the first have guessed a keyword: helkinstown, larisap, lelampa.

We congratulate! You became owners of gift certificates for 500 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice). Check the personal messages on our site: instructions, when and where you can take away prize honest earned by the mind are already sent you!

And to all erudites we suggest to solve a new crossword puzzle!

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