We congratulate winners of competition of crossword puzzles No. 1!Dear friends! Today we bring the first results of competition «The cleverest!»

Here answers to a crossword puzzle No. 1:


1. The substance which is using in cosmetology for correction of mimic wrinkles at introduction under skin (Ботокс)

2. Svetozashchitnye of the device on the windows consisting of vertical or horizontal plates (Jalousie)

3. Form of a female skirt (Bell)

4. Staff in America (Alabama)

5. A headdress in the form of the piece of a fabric wound round the head (Turban)

6. Bible fruit (Apple)


1. A special belt for women during pregnancy (Bandage)

3. The spice used in preparation of confectionery (Cinnamon)

5. A part of a human body, a name to which the Ancient Greek muse comedies (Waist) has presented

7. Japanese engineering company (Suzuki)

8. An old Slavic word to which Yu.Yakovlev's hero in the film «Ivan Vasilyevich expressed the admiration of Moscow (Lepota) changes a profession»

9. Pure mass of the goods unpacked (Net)

Keyword: "Corsage"

We thank all active visitors of a site, with enthusiasm solved our New Year's crossword puzzle. And here names of three lucky to which good luck has smiled:

Lakomka (Valentin Fedorov), VitGot (Vitaly Gotovtsov) and sofitia.

We congratulate! You became owners of gift certificates for 500 rubles from boutique "L'etual" or "Yves Rocher" (at your choice). Check the personal messages on our site: instructions, when and where you can take away prize honest earned by the mind are already sent you!

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