Two sober days in a weekAs report news agencies, members of the British parliament recommended to inhabitants of the country to drink alcohol not 7 days in a week but only 5, with a break at least in two days, it is reported in the report of committee on a science and technology of the House of Commons of parliament of Great Britain.
The nations anxious with health, representatives of parliament have expressed concern to that citizens of the British crown drink too much. Really, former serious recommendations about norms of consumption of hot liquids have been put forward in the country in far 1987. Then to men have advised to drink no more than 21 unit of alcohol in a week, and to women - no more than 14. 8 years later, in 1995, ruling structures have decided to edit a little the document, having entered daily norms of binge: 3-4 units for men, 2-3 for women. Besides, in the report published then it was told: if has drunk it is too much, in the next 48 hours refrain from the further use of alcohol.
It would seem, the problem and without that did not remain unaddressed, but deputies have seen a serious defect in out-of-date documents, having asked a question what one unit of alcohol represents? Having carried out national poll, politicians have made sure of legitimacy of the claims. As it has appeared, 90 % of Englishmen heard about alcoholic units but very few people knows, what real volume at one such unit. Only 13 % watch alcohol consumption on the specified norms. Thus, the letter of the law is not carried out by vast majority of inhabitants of Great Britain. Let's explain that actually one share of alcohol equals to ten milliliters of pure ethyl alcohol.
It became clear that first of all it is necessary to refuse a principle of an admissible daily dose as many British thanks to existence of this point had an impression, it is possible what to drink every day. On change to such form should appear in time, according to deputies, the week schedule of consumption of strong drinks. In this regard the authorities have obliged citizens to abstain from binge at least 2 days in a week. Earlier British politicians have decided that by December, 2013 more than 80 % of bottles with alcohol drinks in Britain should have special marking with information on quantity of units of the alcohol containing in them. The special committee of the House of Commons on a science and technologies has demanded performance of this point this year.
The special adviser for alcohol questions in Royal medical college Yen Gilmore (Ian Gilmore) welcomed an initiative of parliamentarians: Ā«People who drink every day, as a rule, quite easily exceed the week limit. We know from researches that patients who drink daily, with bigger probability are subject to cirrhosisĀ». The authorities hope that thus can promote considerably in a solution of the problem of abuse of alcohol in the country.

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