Two American soldiers were lost after use БАДовThe question of safety of application of biologically active additives was once again lifted by doctors in connection with the tragedy which has happened on one of military American bases in the southeast of the USA. There within several months during physical exercises the two soldiers using sports biologically active additives of Jack3d and OxyElite Pro have died.

One soldier was 22 years old, to another - 32. Both heart attack has been called a cause of death. In their blood has been found диметиламиламин (DMAA) - the substance being a part БАДов and being analogue эфедрина and амфетамина.

BADY with this substance are in great demand in the body building and fitness market. Producers advertise them as preparations, «allowing to feel infinite endurance».

The army of the USA has forbidden Jack3d and OxyElite Pro distribution. However their producer - the USPlabs company - has declared that has no medical data which would confirm danger of these preparations if them apply according to the instruction.

Source: The New York Times

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