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To get divorced at young ageThe American scientists from Michigan state university have come to a conclusion that divorce at young age does bigger harm to human health, than in more mature.

During the carried-out experiment in which 1282 people have taken part, researchers studied a difference in a state of health of those who remained in marriage for 15 years of research, and those who has during this time divorced.

As a result at dissolved at the age from 35 years till 41 year of problems with health it has appeared much more, than at dissolved from 44 to 50 years. Similar dependence was observed and in other age groups. However a state of health of those who was married or it was single during the whole period of experiment, it was almost identical. Then that the health was influenced not by marriage, namely the divorce fact.

«It became clear to me that the dissolved people from younger groups need bigger social and family support», - the assistant professor of sociology from Huey Liu's Michigan state university has summed up in completion of experiment.


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