The woman breaks records on pregnancyThe Englishwoman Gemma Potter from Plymouth - the probable candidate for the Guinness Book of Records. She is 23 years old, she already is mother of three children, and now again is in «interesting situation». And it in spite of the fact that the woman has tried all known methods of contraception. In five years she became pregnant six times (two pregnancies have ended with an abortion).

Regular pregnancy not only have spoilt career Potter, but also have done much harm to its health: now it has problems with excess weight and in addition she in panic is afraid of intimate relations with the husband. The despaired woman seriously thinks of work in the future substitute mother if is unable financially contain a large number of children.

And to the doctors, observing Potter, it is necessary to make a helpless gesture only: such methods of contraception as introduction of a spiral and the injections of contraceptives made of 1 time in 12 weeks, considered as the most reliable methods for protection from undesirable pregnancy, in a case with Gemma have not given desirable results.

Source: Daily Mail

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