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The rare occurence of sinovialny sarcoma of a throatIn Mayo's clinic in Rochester (Mayo Clinic in Rochester), the State of Minnesota, is fixed the rare occurence of development of sarcoma of a throat. The 19-year-old student Kirstin Flink (Kirstin Flick) has appeared the patient with unusual pathology. On November 4, 2011 the girl has addressed to оториноларингологу with complaints to a sore throat and difficulties when swallowing. Survey has shown that fault to all at all flu or cold, and the malignant new growth being in a throat near vocal chords. It was absolutely clear that immediate surgical intervention is required, however doctors from Mayo's clinic never did not meet earlier the sarcomas having so strange arrangement. They noted that, probably, Christine - the unique patient in the world with such diagnosis.
Sinovialny sarcoma - one of the most frequent (9-13 %) malignant tumours of soft fabrics. Develops at people of any age from sinovialny covers of joints, sukhozhilny vaginas, mucous bags and fastsiya, but more often from sinoviya (articulate liquid) large joints of the bottom and top extremities. Strikes knee and talocrural joints (45 % of cases) more often, 40 % of cases, as well as for mucous bags, and for sukhozhilny vaginas are the share of the others - 20 %. Sinovialnye sarcomas differ aggression and immunity to therapy.
Between news about detection at the student of a tumour and the first operation (all them was three) has passed only 6 days. Complete removal of a new growth, and together with it and throats was the only option of rescue of the girl. Now Christine Flink it is necessary to breathe through an opening in the basis of a neck and to speak by means of a voice artificial limb. The patient has not got used yet to these devices and sometimes it literally words «feels sick from communication». It has no possibility to return to study and former work, but does not lose hope of a complete recovery after operations.
On a photo: Christine Flik in day of the termination of high school (a photo from a site

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