The population of Russia catastrophically fallsAccording to the Russian Federal Service of State Statistics for the last 8 years the population of Russia was reduced by 2,3 million. Thus losses among country people three times exceed indicators of the city. So since 2002 the number of the rural occupied was reduced on 8500, and about 20 thousand villages exist only to Yura" when «the fact» nobody lives de in them.

The deputy director of Institute of world economy and the international relations of the Russian Academy of Sciences Evgeny Gontmakher so has commented on this sad situation: «To fight against mortality, long-term investments are necessary. Costs of health care make less than 4 % of gross domestic product of Russia against 7-8 % in the European countries".

Scientists have offered crisis strategy: till 2020 to keep population at level of 140 million at the expense of cultivation of healthy life of average generations to wait 2020-2023 when will start to give birth «generation zero», appeared in considerable demographic growth.

But if to trust a forecast published in the report of the Program of development of the United Nations, to 2025 g Russia will not be counted 11 million more people.


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