The doctor, without grounds opposed inoculations, accuses the unmaskersThe doctor from Great Britain Andrew Ueykfild (Andrew Wakefield) propagandising refusal of inoculations, according to him causing autism, has brought an action against the British Medical Magazine (British Medical Journal) and his two authors for slander, reports CNN.

In 2011 Brian Dir (Brian Deer) and Fiona Godlee (Fiona Godlee) have published some articles in which conscious change of data by Wakefield in medical records of 12 patients was proved during its work on article about influence of inoculations from measles, a rubella and parotitis on autism emergence in BMJ. Journalistic investigation has shown that the purpose of Wakefield working by request of the third party, was to accuse the pharmaceutical company making a vaccine in infliction of harm to health.

Scientific work of Wakefield left in 1998 in the Lantset magazine, and in 2010 the magazine has withdrawn article, having received proofs of a juggling of the facts at data collection by the author. Besides, at meeting of the commission on ethics, the doctor admitted that investigated children suffering from autism, without the permission on that of supervising instances, and also has held back the cooperation with the organisations protecting children autists and, is investigatory, the bias.

The independent clinical researches carried out subsequently have not revealed any interrelation between inoculations and children's autism.

In 2010 Wakefield has been deprived of the licence and more cannot work as the doctor. He has left the USA and the last years lives in the USA, in the State of Texas in which court he and has addressed with the claim on British Medical Journal.

Bryan Dir, one of authors of exposing publications, and edition of BMJ are sure of the correctness and intend to defend it in court.

*На photo: Wakefield in an environment of mothers protesting against vaccination

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